Did I tell you I finished this in time for my trip!


 I LOVE THIS PURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pattern: Designer Bag from Pursenality Plus

Yarn: Ella Rae Classic  and Knit Picks Bare Home Hand painted by Zae and me with Kool-Aid


Needles: US15, 13 for handle

This was a fun pattern to knit. I enjoyed the handle much more than may be healthy! I was often unsure what the pattern was doing, where it was going, but I did something very rare for me . . . I followed the pattern! I KNOW . . . WHO KNEW! Of course there was the one row that I think had a typo (missing the purl stitches in EVERY other row of that section) and the fact that I TOTALLY changed the color, yarn and such of the pattern. I LOVE the shape of the bag, but the bag in the book is just this side of AWFUL due to the color choice, I think the colors make that bag UGLY! But the shape is great!


I loved how it has two sections of I-cord that let me showcase the two colorways of our handknit. (this one is on the bottom, you can see the other on the flap)


Let’s see . . . It has been a while since we last spoke. I have been to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival for my Birthday about a week ago! One of the best seasons I have seen there in quite a while. I have missed only 5 years since I was 15 . . . so that is saying something. If you get in the area don’t miss Romeo and Juliet– the banishment scene in Act 4 is TOTALLY worth the price- it is one of the most amazing bits of blocking, timing and teamwork I have seen on stage! Also not to be missed is Gem of the Ocean. This is, hands down, one of the greatest pieces of theatre I have EVER had the honor to see! I was dumbstruck!

Oh, that yarn store from the last post never did open that day (at least not that I could catch). None of my very local LYS’s carries the Ella Rae. The lovely owner of Fashion Knit in Walnut Creek (go . . . visit . . . support her!) told me that Article Pract in Oakland did have the yarn. I called, they had it, they held it and I drove to Oakland (only about 20-30 min) and got my yarn (we won’t talk about how I professed my deep love for the woman at the counter). Came home, finished the strap and flap and BADA BING BADA BOOM . . . the GREATEST PURSE was done!

OK, I may love this purse more than is normal, but I get lots of compliments on it and I get to say, “Thank you, yes I did make it, but my son dyed the yarn for me!” It is like taking a bit of him with me everywhere. And he is getting so big . . . that I feel better for that!


Friday was awards night for my Thespian Society at school.  We had the best time!

Zae was pretending that he was the teacher!


The Little Teacher

And then, my kids gave him an award!  He got to go up on the stage and EVERYTHING!

 Best Knock Knock Joke!

 I Got an AWARD 

Zae told the cast of the Spring Show a joke:

“Knock Knock”

“Who’s there?”


“Taco Who?”

“Taco on a Pirate Ship!” 

Yep, that was the award winning joke!  My kids are so sweet!  The award made his night!  He had me hang it in his room where he can see it every night! 

Another proud moment- MY DRESS!  I haven’t had it on since before I was Prego!  Last time I tried, it was about 6 inches from zipping!  I tried it on Friday, for a kick and it FIT!!!!!!!!!!  Not the best picture of it . . . but I had to share!

My pretty dress  


That is all, not much knitting going on in our world- it is finals week!  I have the class that is in the room RIGHT NOW to grade then I don’t have any more classes!  Just a room to clean etc!!!!!!!!!!!  I am SO ready for vacation.


Especially since I just found out that I am teaching Film History next year.  I know NOTHING about film history.  I have never seen Citizen Cane or Gone with the Wind or ANYTHING like that!  I don’t go to the movies that often. 

I am trying to focus on the good side- I am going to HAVE to watch movies all summer- I will be working!!!!!!  And when I watch a movie . . . I have to knit . . . it helps keep me focused!

See it is true . . . every cloud does have a silver lining!

We had a rally this morning.  A total waste of my time!  My kids even wanted to know if the class could all SKIP the rally and keep working (this would have made the period 2 1/2 hours long).  That the kids (granted, it was my advanced class and they have a show next week) would rather work in class than attend this thing says a lot!  My kids sat there and did work! 

I understand the need for school spirit and such, but PLEASE- we are here to get an education- not sit in the gym and watch pie eating contests.

Did I mention this was a rally to honor academics- we took class time (most classes are only 30 min- pointless) in order to honor kids for doing well in class.  WE wasted a day of teaching in order to honor kids for grades,  all during the end of the school year, with major projects, class trips and graduation looming around the corner!  And it was for 1st semester, it took this long to get it together for LAST semester, it was over the end of January- I can’t even remember what I did in January! 

This is what I did during the rally . . .


Another bib for another baby.  One of the women who sits behind me in church is due next month.  I thought I would do a few of the M&D Bibs for her.  I don’t know her well, I am not even sure of her name, but it just seems like a nice thing to do.  This is not the cone yarn- but Sugar and Cream.  I was going to do the first sweater in this, but dye lots being what they are- I couldn’t find more than 1 ball in any lot- so I have like 3 balls in this color that DON’T MATCH AT ALL!

My next post shall address the EVIL that is the new M&D baby sweater.  The problem is not with the knitting, but with the fly by the seat of her pants, I know what I am doing and I don’t need to write anything down knitter.   I wonder, will I ever get the fact that I NEED, MUST write down what I am thinking!

I don’t think so either . . .

OH MY GOSH!  I went with my mom, and a high school age cousin and his friend last night to see Kathleen Turner and Bill Irvin in Albee’s Whose Afraid of Virgina Woolf.  OH MY GOSH!!!  WOW!  I love when I get to go to “Big” theatre (tour shows from New  York and the like) and they are as good as I want them to be!  Last night was.

Ms. Turner is as wonderful live as you would think.  When you go see BIG theatre with BIG names, there is what I think is this STUPID moment when the NAME comes on stage and the house claps.   I hate this.  As a massive theatre geek, I think that real clapping, more than just the polite thank you for performing for us, should be earned.  I think that just because you have had amazing performances BEFORE the one I am about to see does not mean that you deserve to be clapped for BEFORE you perform for me.  Live theatre is just that Live . . . I can’t count the number of times I have told my kids that no matter how good last nights show was, it doesn’t count and might as well not have ever happened for all it matters.  It is this show, this audience that counts, everything else is under the bridge.

Having said that- SHE REALLY DESERVED IT!  WOW!  The whole cast (all 4 of them) were great, amazing really.   If you ever get the chance to see the show- DO IT!  Wow- it is dark, funny, twisted and one of the saddest thing I have ever seen- but SEE IT.

They other joy for the evening, my cousin and his friend.  Both are in or will be next year an arts academy program.  Friend is in the Drama portion.  It was fun to get to attend such a show with 2 kids who wanted to know more.  We talked about false arches (when you make the traditional stage opening smaller in order to focus the attention in on a drama).  We talked about the acting challenges to holding the attention of thousands of people when the house is so open and large and designed for things like musicals (I saw CATS and Fiddler and RENT in the same theatre we were in last night).  It was fun.  It was also really sweet to hear cousin’s friend say, “WOW your cousin is brilliant!”  to which cousin said, “Yep, if you want to learn about theatre, you want to go with Kae and Auntie( what he calls my  mom).”

Later, they both said they wished they could come to my school instead of theirs.  That my program sounded much better than thiers!

It was a great night!  Today we are off to a children’s museum!  Have a great one!

Opening Night is Tonight!  This is one of my FAVE things:


The tears and hard work have all paid off!  Hours of Rehearsal!  Painting, building, sewing and stressing have all gone in to this moment!  I LIVE FOR THIS!

No- this is not the size of the audience- this was taken during 1st dress rehearsal.  Our show will run for 3 nights and we should have between 300 and 400 people see the run!  This is a DRASTIC improvement fromwhen I first took on this program 9 years ago (I swear, I can’t be that old!).  Then I had between 100-200 people over 3 shows.  I am really proud of the growth and quality of the program.  The kids are amazing and wonderful and they work really, really hard!  And it shows!

 Thank you for putting up with my lack of posting the past few weeks- the play kind of takes over my life the few weeks before we open.  I promise to return to my knitting soon!

Well, last night was the start of tech week- this means rehearsals each night until 9:30 or when we have done the day’s job, which ever comes first- theatre hurts . . . right.

As every tech, there are mini dramas- found out my light board has a cracked motherboard- I am the last to know this,  the theater company we share space and borrow the board from has known for a month- they just forgot to tell me- i found out when I FREAKED out when I couldn’t find the dang thing.  We think we might have it for next thursday’s opening.  I am hiding this fact from the cast as long as I can-  teens can freak out pretty badly!  This is DOUBLE true for actor types.   I don’t think writing this hear will tip them off- I don’t think many of them surf the knit blogs- I base this on the looks I get when I make the mistake of talking about us!

The company I order doors from sent me the wrong doors (I think I may have ordered the wrong doors, but since they sent diffrent wood than I ordered as well, I am going to say it was them- I got the best end of the wood deal!).  The doors I have don’t fit in the door holes on my set.  This is a MAJOR problem.  I really don’t know what Iwill do if they can’t find doors to fit.  I am trying not to think about it.  If they can find the doors and I can get them ASAP- today before 2 would be best, Friday before 2 would do, we should be OK.  If not . . . lets not go there!

The good news- I was home by 7:30- the show itself looks GREAT!  And the Tech crew (who started last night) are great!

The hardest part of tech is missing this . . .


I really like it when I get home in time to put him to bed.

It is High School Exit Exam time around here!  This means that the rest of us don’t get kids until the afternoon.  Only 10th grade is taking the test this time, so we are expecting the rest of the kids to come to school at 12:30 today, 1:00 yesterday and attend 3 periods a day, with each class being only 30 min !  Shall we say attendence is a bit well . . . low!

However, I have play that goes into tech (hell week) today, we open a week from Thrusday.  The set is mostly done.  This means we could go up like it is, but it will be much better if a ton of things get done.  With short classes and LOW attendence, I needed to get a few small things done in this wasted free time i have been forced to endure graced with this morning.

My morning in pictures:

First I worked on the program, dealt with email and farted around on line (don’t you wish you were going to be in NY for the Harlot’s kick off)


Next I mounted some posters and charts for the set.  These are double sided and will be held up with velcro for quick set changes.  The play is an evening of One-Acts.  I am directing Wendy’s Tale, and I have two FAB kids directing as well.  Thier shows are Dinner with the MacGuffins and Hard Candy.  We are REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY excited- espically for Dinner which is the California Premiere of the SCRIPT!  VERY VERY COOL!


SWEETIE:  These are the charts I emailed you about- they need some type of title- I don’t know ANYTHING about this- they mean nothing (I just made pretty lines) but some type of title (like profits or something) would look good.  Ideas? 

Then I went over to my shop:


And painted one of the 3 doors for the set:


The set is designed by my Stagecraft class.  It has a stable back wall and the side walls are really wagons (set pieces on wheels).  This is how we are making the set change so fast.  In 1 1/4 hours it will be a living room, office and classroom!  It is very cool

I had a few paint issues and am VERY thankful I wore pants that have seen better days- these pants are now paint only jeans!  The picture doesn’t quite do justice to the paint spill which reaches from pocket to knee!  There was no paint on these prior to the door-  The only really bad part of this is that it is just noon- I will be here till at least 7 or 8 tonight in rehearsal, the paint spill is getting stiff and yucky!


All in all a pretty typical day in the world of a theatre teachers.  Now I get to get ready for my actual classes and thier research projects. 

May your day be free from painted pants! 

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