OK, I had a total Yarn Harlot moment this weekend.  Have you ever read her story in Knit Lit . .. about the ice skating disaster?  Yeah, it REALLY could have been that (I just got lucky)

Hubby and I managed to get a weekend (ok 24 hours) away to the Claremont Resort in Berekely, CA.  A dear, wonderful friend of mine works for the company and he hooked us up!  It was just amazing!

Anyway, Hubby and I wanted to see the new Star Trek movie (SO GOOD BY THE WAY!).

I knew it would be a tense movie, I get really tense .. .so I brought easy knitting (ANOTHER BIB!).  I was going great, the trailers were running, I went to pull yarn off the ball and it was stuck!

Really Stuck!  I couldn’t get any more yarn!

Now, I knew I had a whole ball . . . so i wasn’t out!  I looked down and saw the string (cheap cotton) not coming from my purse . . . but from under the seat in front of me!

No stress, i will just grab the ball . .. no luck!  I looked forward and could see the white thread running under the 3 rows in front of me!  And there was still no ball!

The movie was just starting . . . I couldn’t get up and find the ball . . . i would have inturupted all the people, “excuse me, is there yarn under your chair?”

As I looked the yarn streched across the row in front of me, I realized it was not laying on the floor, but strung, 4 inches off the ground like a red/white/blue and purple trip line . . . just waiting to kill someone.

I broke the yarn and did what i could to unhook it from under the seat in front of me and was able to get it to rest on the floor . .. i then had to wait till the end of the movie (2 hours and 2 min with trailer) in order to see where the ball had gone!

End of the movie comes ( I so missed the knitting during the movie!!!).  The whole group of people in front of me- all the rows- stayed to watch the credits (the movie was that good!).  FINALLY they all leave and I casual walk forward 8 rows (!!!) until I find my ball of yarn!  YEAH!

I am think “Yeah, no harm, no Foul and no one even noticed!”  I stoop to pick up the ball and walk up the isle, rolling as I go.  I almost make it to the door when one of the fould who work at the theatre grabs my arm and says:

“Uhhh . . . Miss . . . I think you are trailing some kind of string or something.”

I respond, with the only proper response:

“it isn’t string . . . it is yarn . .. i lost my knitting during the movie.  Thank you!”

WOW, the poor boy was really confused!


Well it has been a busy year or more!  Life went really nuts for a while . . .

Some things don’t change much . . . .

Zae is still Zae . . .just a year older now!

Zae is still Zae . . .just a year older now!

But he has a new Friend!

The brothers together!

The brothers together!

Eli is now 11 weeks old . . . it was a LONG pregnancy and just about did me in . . . nothing outside of the HAVE to dos got done.

Wanna see more . . ..

Day 1 of a new life

Day 1 of a new life

I figure cute baby is the BEST excuse . . . right?

Things have been just nuts as of late .  . . I have been knitting, a lot . .. and I will post about that at a later date . . . I really will!

It is good to be back . .. I will have more to share soon!

I am doing the National Poetry Outloud Contest with my advanced acting class.  We were looking through the online archive of poems and I found a whole bunch of FIBs. 

I had never heard of a FIB before.  It is kind of like a Hiku, except the lines are based on the Fibonacci sequence of numbers (1/1/2/3/5/8).  I think they are kind of cool.

Anyway, the poem:

Fib to a Knit Dweeb
By Mary Roberts
my days
if Lion Brand Fun Fur
will make a nice pair of undies.
COULD YOU JUST DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am not sure if he is worried about the looming deadline of Christmas next week . . . but Sweetie is taking his yarn to work . . .everywhere.

Last night, I sat on the sofa, knitting of course, and looked over at him in the chair where he sits . . .


And he was KNITTING!

Could I have created a monster?  Could my stash be in danger?

What have I done?!?!?!?!?

No, I have not suffered a tragedy and forgotten how to knit . . . this is a part of my Christmas present


From Sweetie!

Each year, my son and I make soap for his teachers.  I knit washcloths, Zae makes soap.  This year, Sweetie was around on Saturday and was having a rough day.  Zae asked if Daddy would come play with the soap, cause it would make him feel better.  How could Sweetie say no to that (Sweetie is NOT by nature a crafty person, he is a musician that is where he lets out his creativity).  Sweetie had a great time making soap, and made a bar just for me.  I was totally kidding when I said that I needed a washcloth to go with it.  He said OK!

Last night he got a lesson.  He is doing the simple dishcloth pattern (often called Grandma’s Dishcloth . . . I couldn’t find the pattern anywhere today!).  It is pretty simple, all garter stitch with a Yarn Over after the first 2 stitches on each row.  When he has 44 stitches, I will teach him to Knit 2 together.  He took too it pretty well!  He is worried that the stitches are too loose (I have him size 10s to work with, ‘cause they feel like pencils-his words).  The loose is the needles mostly.  I keep telling him that once it is washed and dried the yarn will fix itself.



I don’t think he believes in the magic of the yarn yet . . . we shall fix him!

I don’t think he will become addicted . . . but he did say he could see the attraction.  I’m not too worried though . . . I know my yarn will never come before his guitars!

Isn’t this going to be the best present EVER!!

Ok . . . I have dropped off the face of the earth as of late . . . but I am not dead . . .   Just CRAZY BUSY NUTS!

You know when NOTHING seems to slow down . . . that is our world right now . . . I have a bunch to tell you . . . . and I will as soon as I find my head!

Soon . . . I promise!

I did this hat for Zae last Christmas.  Actually, I was making the hat for my Brother, but the size was wrong, so Zae got this one and Bro got a bigger one.  Then Bro had a baby (actually, his wife HAD the baby, but he sure helped!).  So I made a smaller one for her.



You can see it above on Baby Carrie (she was my doll when I was Zae’s age, then he adopted her!).  Of course you don’t see Puppe (I think that is a way to say baby girl in German, at least that is what the internet told me, please tell me if I am wrong) in her hat, due to the fact that she is in Germany and I am here!

This is killing me right now.  Some of my family has gone over there this week to meet her.  And my mom is going for Christmas and Puppe’s Baptism.  I can’t afford to go . . . and it is sad.    It is so strange to be an aunt and not have met the baby!

I have been an aunt by marriage for 8+ years now, and I LOVE them dearly!  But I am surprised by the different feeling I have for Puppe.  Not that I love her more, just a very different connection . . . this might also have to do with the fact that J&S were 4 and 1 when I met them, not newborn.  I don’t know.

Anyway, I wish I was in Germany holding the little one in the hat!


Oh, the bow on the Little Hat . . . I knit and I-cord around a pipe cleaner.  The bow can be bent and stand up on its own . . . it is a very cute look.  I can’t take credit for the bow idea; it was sweetie who came up with the idea!  HERE HERE for non-knitters who pay enough attention to be able to give pointers!

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