No, I have not suffered a tragedy and forgotten how to knit . . . this is a part of my Christmas present


From Sweetie!

Each year, my son and I make soap for his teachers.  I knit washcloths, Zae makes soap.  This year, Sweetie was around on Saturday and was having a rough day.  Zae asked if Daddy would come play with the soap, cause it would make him feel better.  How could Sweetie say no to that (Sweetie is NOT by nature a crafty person, he is a musician that is where he lets out his creativity).  Sweetie had a great time making soap, and made a bar just for me.  I was totally kidding when I said that I needed a washcloth to go with it.  He said OK!

Last night he got a lesson.  He is doing the simple dishcloth pattern (often called Grandma’s Dishcloth . . . I couldn’t find the pattern anywhere today!).  It is pretty simple, all garter stitch with a Yarn Over after the first 2 stitches on each row.  When he has 44 stitches, I will teach him to Knit 2 together.  He took too it pretty well!  He is worried that the stitches are too loose (I have him size 10s to work with, ‘cause they feel like pencils-his words).  The loose is the needles mostly.  I keep telling him that once it is washed and dried the yarn will fix itself.



I don’t think he believes in the magic of the yarn yet . . . we shall fix him!

I don’t think he will become addicted . . . but he did say he could see the attraction.  I’m not too worried though . . . I know my yarn will never come before his guitars!

Isn’t this going to be the best present EVER!!


Halloween has passed . . . but I haven’t shared with you the GREAT costume my mom made for Zae.

He is THUD from the Andrew Lost series of books!


He became very indignant when no one seemed to know who THUD was.  I think he thought EVERYONE would know who this random robot was.  This was not the case!

A typical Trick ‘r’ Treat conversation:

Ding Dong

Zae:      Trick r Treat (in your best robot voice, he practiced for DAYS)

Door:   Oh how cute, are you a Robot/

Zae:      No, I am THUD

Door:   A Robot named THUD?

Zae:      NO, I am THUD the Robot.  From Andrew Lost . . . (said in your most ‘What are you stupid “voice)

Door:   Well, here is you candy THUD.

Zae:      Actually (yes, his word, one of his faves), I am only THUD when I have this costume on.  When I take the costume off, I am Zae a boy.  I am only a robot when I am in costume. (as if they might be confused, since they were to dumb to know who THUD was in the first place)

I don’t know what was funnier to me, his reaction to the “dumb” people, or their reaction to him.  I don’t know here he got the self-righteous streak . . . really I don’t!

I just HAVE to share our adventure yesterday.  Read fast, as Sweetie may well make me take this off when he finds it . . . but I HAD to share while I could!


After Church and a lovely lunch with our new associate pastor, Sweetie, Zae and I went shopping.

Sweetie needed new jeans.  ALL of his jeans were dead.  And he wears Jeans EVERYDAY . . . so this was a need.  I sent him into the fitting room at Penny’s with arm loads of jeans (you know you need to try on EVERY pair… otherwise you won’t find any). 

Zae asked Daddy if he could go in the dressing room too.  Sweetie shot me a “Please save me look” and then the two of them headed off.  I parked myself on that Oh so cozy chair and waited.


Zae was talking up a storm, trying to help his dad.  He has been on enough shopping trips where I tried on clothes that he has picked up a few things from his dad about compliments.  Even so, I just about fell out of my chair when I heard over the door:


“Daddy, I just love the way your underwear are designed for you!”


I thought the woman who came out of the dressing room next to him was going to PASS OUT!

 Not that I think about it . . . what she was doing there to start with.

I am SO bummed!

We are supposed to be going to the cabin this weekend with two of our dearest friends, K&K.  I had to cancel the trip this morning because of this:

Canyon on Fire

There is a MASSIVE fire in the Plumas National forest (the Moonlight Fire, doesn’t that sound MUCH more pleasant than it is?).  The problem is that the cabin is there too!


The cabin is in little danger.  The fire is about 30 miles away and moving the opposite direction.  They are using the high school across the street from my FAVE grocery store as an emergency shelter- and that is 20+ miles from the cabin. 

Zae and I both have lung issues and sitting in the smoky canyon for the weekend does not seem like a good Mommy Moment, you know?


Others in the area may not be so lucky.  There have been some mandatory evacuations, and many more optional ones.  The area in the Lassen/Plumas Forest is beyond beautiful.  Just a sample, this is taken sitting on the deck of the cabin.  And the WHOLE area looks like this.


Isn’t it Lovely

Please send good thought the way of the fire fighters and people of the area.

On a blog note:  Things are settling down with school and life and everything, I shall return to my blogging soon.  I have a BUNCH of pictures to show you . . . does that count?  Well no, considering they are all still in the camera and not here at school.  Really, I am working on getting back to normal (at least for me)

Wow, eight years ago I got MARRIED!  It had been a year or so of weddings and Sweetie and I were among the last to fall.

It was a rather quick courtship.  We met in May of ’98 at a Wedding (he was the best man and I caught the flowers!  Couldn’t you DIE!?  We started dating pretty soon after that (May 21st to be exact).  The sticker in the pie was that we were in Orange County, CA (near Disneyland) and I was about to move back to the Bay Area.  I did in early August, by then we knew that this was it and he moved in January.  We were engaged in February and then married August 21, 1999.  That makes 15 months to the day from our first date.

I am not one who moves that fast.  Heck, we were married for 6 months before he became my longest relationship!  But with Sweetie it was so right!  We just kind of skipped that awkward dating phase (you know what I mean) and went right to “been together forever!”

I don’t really remember not being with him.  I have on more than a few occasions asked if he remembers doing such and such, only to realize that it had happened years before we even met.



So today, I would like to say thank you Sweetie!  Thank you for 8 amazing years (heck, I wouldn’t even trade the rough times- well that would depend on what the offer was!).  Thank you for teaching me to LOVE fish and Duck!


You are a wonderful man, the kind I used to joke about finding, but never thought was real.  Thank you for our son.  I am thankful that he has such a man to call Daddy and love that he wasn’t to grow up to be just like you.


Happy Anniversary Sweetie!

Not much to say today. We dyed some yarn yesterday for Germany Mom and Baby . . .
DID I TELL YOU!!!!! The Germany baby made her enterence to the world this past weekend! She is little and cute and perfect!

It was kind of odd . . . Her birthday is August 11 at 4 am. However, I didn’t know she had come till about 4 hours after her birth. Mom called me at 11 pm on August 10! Sometimes the whole different time zones things is REALLY REALLY STRANGE!

Zae and I went and go haircuts today. I know I have posted Zae at the Beauty Shop (that is what he calls it!) before. . . but isn’t my little Metro-Boy too much!

Today was a craft day in the house . . . Zae and I dyed some Knit Picks Bare yarn that I bought myself last fall.  I have wanted to try dying for a while, so I bought this yarn for myself in my Christmas Knitting order and a reward for getting it all done!  I just haven’t done anything with it.  I got my invite to join Ravelry earlier this week (OH MY GOSH WAY TOO COOL FOR WORDS!) and was putting my stash in over the weekend.  When I came to the Bare I thought “well, that is just sad, we will have to do something about that.”

bare Bare

This morning, Zae looked at me with those HUGE brown (almost black) eyes and asked, “Mom, what are we going to do today.”  So I came up with doing the Kool-Aid dye thing.  We went to the dollar store and got a bunch of those picnic condiment dispensers and the grocery store to get kool-aid.  The Knitty website gives the ratio 1 oz fiber to 1 oz kool-aid.  There isn’t much powder in a packet . . . so I used a lot of them.  If you are thinking about doing this . . . use the Knitty article . . . really easy!


Zae and I had a great time squirting the dye on the yarn.  He was pretty set on having a pattern (that is his dad in him!).  He didn’t want to put dye on the first one, he was afraid he would mess it up, so he told me where to put the dye and I did his bidding (nothing new there!).  On the second one, we put the pattern on the yarn, and then he was comfortable enough to fill in the spaces with the dye. 

ready to go in the sun

There are three options for setting the dye.  I picked the easy one (so I could still watch Days of Our Lives . . . one must have standards- I have been an adict since I was 8- my granma was my babysitter- and it was on EVERY DAY!).  Stuck each skein in a plastic zip-bag and stuck them in the sun (like you would sun tea).  I then told Zae that the yarn had to sit in the sun until after his nap (about 2 ½ hours, until the water coming out of the yarn is clear).  I flipped the bags half way through the time, but I don’t think I needed to.

the yarn gets a tansweating in the sun!

A few hours later, we brought the yarn in the house to cool down out of the sun.  Many of the websites I checked made a HUGE deal about not shocking the yarn with cold water as it could cause felting.  They all seemed to recommend cooling the yarn and then rinsing with water the same temp as the yarn.


I had expected to have much brighter colors, but I like it.  The plan is a bag for me.  I have 220 yards, which is enough for a Sophia purse (this is SUCH a fun pattern) .  I am also thinking about free forming a small bag to keep my Weight Watchers books and tracker in.  I use the bight blue starter kit bag right now, but it isn’t really me.  We will see what I think of.  Maybe a smaller Button-hole Bag?


I swear, I used the same dye on each skein . . . really I did!  Both have a similar purple color, I think I will start with the not so orange one, then when I need a second skein, try to start with the purple on the orange.  Not bad for a first time, if I do say so myself!


I am not sure if I will carry a purse this colorful in my real world.   However, there is something really cool about having something that Zae and I created together.

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