Do you love it!

My brother made it for me!!!!!!!!! 

I love it!

My Dear brother J is a graphic artist living in Germany (yep, that brother, the only one I have!).  He made this for me out of the goodness of his heart (I didn’t even have to ask him).  I LOVE IT!

We are a very creative/artistic family!  It is one of the many things about my family that I am VERY proud of. 

My mom can do just about any thing you put in front of her!  I swear, she missed her calling as a theatre props artist- she would have ROCKED that!  She can draw, write, paint, paper mache’ . . . you name it!  And more over,  she does everything wonderfully!  Once, she took Wilson Cake decorating classes.  At the end of the first round of classes, she was asked if she would like to teach them!  It is really kind of scary!  She has this amazing skill to just do things!

My dad writes (we write a lot), plays guitar and has done some acting in the past. He even did some time as the lead singer in a band.  I do think this is much cooler now than I did in High School.  I was a teen, what did I know?!?

I knit, write (not as much as I used to, but I am working on that) and do the theatre thing. 

And my brother . . . first DAMN can he write!  He has in the past done the thing where you link video/graphics to music (at raves and the like) (sorry J, I have NO IDEA what to call that!).

And then there is his art . . .  Dirty Rainbow Please go check out his site. I frequently (always) look at his art and think DANG . . .  I can’t believe I ever shared a bathroom with someone that can do that!  I am always impressed and proud! Really J, you amaze me!

I accepted the fact long ago that my brother is MUCH MUCH MUCH cooler than I.

Thank you J!  I love it!  It makes me feel so special to have some of your art made just for me!  Thank you! 



This Friday (tomarrow) is  National Go Red for Women Day to  raise awareness for Heart Disease in Women.

I think you would be hard pressed to find one of us who has not been touched in some way with female heart disease.  However, we are also aware that much less is known about heart disease in women than in men. 

My Aunt, who I love more that words can say, has battled with heart disease as long as I can remember.  Tomarrow, I will Wear Red for her and the rest of the women I love. 

Please take the time when you get dressed in the morning to put on red- Let’s all do this.

I learned about this from my friend, IrishMama.  Please pass it on to your friends too!  We all know Knitters (and those who love us) can make a diffrence– let’s do it here too!


Ok- I am a big huge DORK!  When I posted the picture of the button hole  bag a few days ago, I also sent a picture to Ann at Mason Dixion (at the end of the pattern they ask you to, I am not that big of a dork!). 

Ann wrote me back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- it came to my work email this am.  I feel so cool.  She was very sweet and kind!  I feel like a total dork right now, but I am so excited. 

That is one way to brighten up the Friday before Finals!

One of the best things about teaching Acting is that some of my classes are only semester long.  That meas that in 2 week, I get new classes!  I like that!  Only kids who have a C or better in Acting 1 can take Actin 2- so second semester is where I get to weed out the kids that don’t want to be here.  So I am left with the more solid kids in Acting 2.  I also like Acting 2 more for a subject.  It is less of the basics and more of the History and style of theatre- MUCH more fun for me (Acting 1 is the stuff I learned in my first acting class (I was 10).  It gets really dull for me- 3 hours a day 107 kids!

The cold spell here has broken for now-  It is getting back up to normal for a while anyway.  There wasn’t as much ice on my van this am (the heater is working again- much better).  I can see blue sky through the windows in my room- I want to be outside, in a park or something- it is that kind of weather.  Oh Well . . .

We have proof that I may drive a bit too fast- I just blasted back from Micheals on my lunch- 33 min- made it just about 1 min late!  too cool!

Next time I need to shop smart too!  I thought I grabbed charcoal pencils for stagecraft- but they are china markers- I don’t think they will work- the next test will be if I can be fast and smart at the same time!  Oh well-

The exciting part . . . 

 I have my LONG pink (think like my 10 speed bike Pink!) light up needles!  The joy!  I have been coveting these needles since I first read about them . . .

 I must not knit- I must do my work I must not knit- I must do my workI must not knit- I must do my workI must not knit- I must do my workI must not knit- I must do my workI must not knit- I must do my workI must not knit- I must do my workI must not knit- I must do my work . . .

I will not try the needles till we are on the road . . . we are driving to the cabin tonight- most of the drive will be in the dark (hence the need to rush to the store- 4 hours in the car and no knitting . . . please!) 

how much will power do we think I have- anyone want to start a pool?  Does it count if I open the package just to see how they work but don’t cast anything on?  AHHH the temptation . . . . 

UPDATE- I made it!  I didn’t even open the packet till in the car!  If you want to really confuse truckers knit with the light up needles on long stretchs of dark road!  I got some great looks- THE NEEDLES ROCK!  Very easy to work with!  and SO MUCH FUN!  my only complaint would be they were a bit bright- I kept flashing my eyes and it hurt after a while- but it was VERY Dark Mountin roads- they were they only lights for miles!