OK, I had a total Yarn Harlot moment this weekend.  Have you ever read her story in Knit Lit . .. about the ice skating disaster?  Yeah, it REALLY could have been that (I just got lucky)

Hubby and I managed to get a weekend (ok 24 hours) away to the Claremont Resort in Berekely, CA.  A dear, wonderful friend of mine works for the company and he hooked us up!  It was just amazing!

Anyway, Hubby and I wanted to see the new Star Trek movie (SO GOOD BY THE WAY!).

I knew it would be a tense movie, I get really tense .. .so I brought easy knitting (ANOTHER BIB!).  I was going great, the trailers were running, I went to pull yarn off the ball and it was stuck!

Really Stuck!  I couldn’t get any more yarn!

Now, I knew I had a whole ball . . . so i wasn’t out!  I looked down and saw the string (cheap cotton) not coming from my purse . . . but from under the seat in front of me!

No stress, i will just grab the ball . .. no luck!  I looked forward and could see the white thread running under the 3 rows in front of me!  And there was still no ball!

The movie was just starting . . . I couldn’t get up and find the ball . . . i would have inturupted all the people, “excuse me, is there yarn under your chair?”

As I looked the yarn streched across the row in front of me, I realized it was not laying on the floor, but strung, 4 inches off the ground like a red/white/blue and purple trip line . . . just waiting to kill someone.

I broke the yarn and did what i could to unhook it from under the seat in front of me and was able to get it to rest on the floor . .. i then had to wait till the end of the movie (2 hours and 2 min with trailer) in order to see where the ball had gone!

End of the movie comes ( I so missed the knitting during the movie!!!).  The whole group of people in front of me- all the rows- stayed to watch the credits (the movie was that good!).  FINALLY they all leave and I casual walk forward 8 rows (!!!) until I find my ball of yarn!  YEAH!

I am think “Yeah, no harm, no Foul and no one even noticed!”  I stoop to pick up the ball and walk up the isle, rolling as I go.  I almost make it to the door when one of the fould who work at the theatre grabs my arm and says:

“Uhhh . . . Miss . . . I think you are trailing some kind of string or something.”

I respond, with the only proper response:

“it isn’t string . . . it is yarn . .. i lost my knitting during the movie.  Thank you!”

WOW, the poor boy was really confused!