Halloween has passed . . . but I haven’t shared with you the GREAT costume my mom made for Zae.

He is THUD from the Andrew Lost series of books!


He became very indignant when no one seemed to know who THUD was.  I think he thought EVERYONE would know who this random robot was.  This was not the case!

A typical Trick ‘r’ Treat conversation:

Ding Dong

Zae:      Trick r Treat (in your best robot voice, he practiced for DAYS)

Door:   Oh how cute, are you a Robot/

Zae:      No, I am THUD

Door:   A Robot named THUD?

Zae:      NO, I am THUD the Robot.  From Andrew Lost . . . (said in your most ‘What are you stupid “voice)

Door:   Well, here is you candy THUD.

Zae:      Actually (yes, his word, one of his faves), I am only THUD when I have this costume on.  When I take the costume off, I am Zae a boy.  I am only a robot when I am in costume. (as if they might be confused, since they were to dumb to know who THUD was in the first place)

I don’t know what was funnier to me, his reaction to the “dumb” people, or their reaction to him.  I don’t know here he got the self-righteous streak . . . really I don’t!