I did this hat for Zae last Christmas.  Actually, I was making the hat for my Brother, but the size was wrong, so Zae got this one and Bro got a bigger one.  Then Bro had a baby (actually, his wife HAD the baby, but he sure helped!).  So I made a smaller one for her.



You can see it above on Baby Carrie (she was my doll when I was Zae’s age, then he adopted her!).  Of course you don’t see Puppe (I think that is a way to say baby girl in German, at least that is what the internet told me, please tell me if I am wrong) in her hat, due to the fact that she is in Germany and I am here!

This is killing me right now.  Some of my family has gone over there this week to meet her.  And my mom is going for Christmas and Puppe’s Baptism.  I can’t afford to go . . . and it is sad.    It is so strange to be an aunt and not have met the baby!

I have been an aunt by marriage for 8+ years now, and I LOVE them dearly!  But I am surprised by the different feeling I have for Puppe.  Not that I love her more, just a very different connection . . . this might also have to do with the fact that J&S were 4 and 1 when I met them, not newborn.  I don’t know.

Anyway, I wish I was in Germany holding the little one in the hat!


Oh, the bow on the Little Hat . . . I knit and I-cord around a pipe cleaner.  The bow can be bent and stand up on its own . . . it is a very cute look.  I can’t take credit for the bow idea; it was sweetie who came up with the idea!  HERE HERE for non-knitters who pay enough attention to be able to give pointers!