I just HAVE to share our adventure yesterday.  Read fast, as Sweetie may well make me take this off when he finds it . . . but I HAD to share while I could!


After Church and a lovely lunch with our new associate pastor, Sweetie, Zae and I went shopping.

Sweetie needed new jeans.  ALL of his jeans were dead.  And he wears Jeans EVERYDAY . . . so this was a need.  I sent him into the fitting room at Penny’s with arm loads of jeans (you know you need to try on EVERY pair… otherwise you won’t find any). 

Zae asked Daddy if he could go in the dressing room too.  Sweetie shot me a “Please save me look” and then the two of them headed off.  I parked myself on that Oh so cozy chair and waited.


Zae was talking up a storm, trying to help his dad.  He has been on enough shopping trips where I tried on clothes that he has picked up a few things from his dad about compliments.  Even so, I just about fell out of my chair when I heard over the door:


“Daddy, I just love the way your underwear are designed for you!”


I thought the woman who came out of the dressing room next to him was going to PASS OUT!

 Not that I think about it . . . what she was doing there to start with.