I am SO bummed!

We are supposed to be going to the cabin this weekend with two of our dearest friends, K&K.  I had to cancel the trip this morning because of this:

Canyon on Fire

There is a MASSIVE fire in the Plumas National forest (the Moonlight Fire, doesn’t that sound MUCH more pleasant than it is?).  The problem is that the cabin is there too!


The cabin is in little danger.  The fire is about 30 miles away and moving the opposite direction.  They are using the high school across the street from my FAVE grocery store as an emergency shelter- and that is 20+ miles from the cabin. 

Zae and I both have lung issues and sitting in the smoky canyon for the weekend does not seem like a good Mommy Moment, you know?


Others in the area may not be so lucky.  There have been some mandatory evacuations, and many more optional ones.  The area in the Lassen/Plumas Forest is beyond beautiful.  Just a sample, this is taken sitting on the deck of the cabin.  And the WHOLE area looks like this.


Isn’t it Lovely

Please send good thought the way of the fire fighters and people of the area.

On a blog note:  Things are settling down with school and life and everything, I shall return to my blogging soon.  I have a BUNCH of pictures to show you . . . does that count?  Well no, considering they are all still in the camera and not here at school.  Really, I am working on getting back to normal (at least for me)