Wow, eight years ago I got MARRIED!  It had been a year or so of weddings and Sweetie and I were among the last to fall.

It was a rather quick courtship.  We met in May of ’98 at a Wedding (he was the best man and I caught the flowers!  Couldn’t you DIE!?  We started dating pretty soon after that (May 21st to be exact).  The sticker in the pie was that we were in Orange County, CA (near Disneyland) and I was about to move back to the Bay Area.  I did in early August, by then we knew that this was it and he moved in January.  We were engaged in February and then married August 21, 1999.  That makes 15 months to the day from our first date.

I am not one who moves that fast.  Heck, we were married for 6 months before he became my longest relationship!  But with Sweetie it was so right!  We just kind of skipped that awkward dating phase (you know what I mean) and went right to “been together forever!”

I don’t really remember not being with him.  I have on more than a few occasions asked if he remembers doing such and such, only to realize that it had happened years before we even met.



So today, I would like to say thank you Sweetie!  Thank you for 8 amazing years (heck, I wouldn’t even trade the rough times- well that would depend on what the offer was!).  Thank you for teaching me to LOVE fish and Duck!


You are a wonderful man, the kind I used to joke about finding, but never thought was real.  Thank you for our son.  I am thankful that he has such a man to call Daddy and love that he wasn’t to grow up to be just like you.


Happy Anniversary Sweetie!