Did I tell you I finished this in time for my trip!


 I LOVE THIS PURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pattern: Designer Bag from Pursenality Plus

Yarn: Ella Rae Classic  and Knit Picks Bare Home Hand painted by Zae and me with Kool-Aid


Needles: US15, 13 for handle

This was a fun pattern to knit. I enjoyed the handle much more than may be healthy! I was often unsure what the pattern was doing, where it was going, but I did something very rare for me . . . I followed the pattern! I KNOW . . . WHO KNEW! Of course there was the one row that I think had a typo (missing the purl stitches in EVERY other row of that section) and the fact that I TOTALLY changed the color, yarn and such of the pattern. I LOVE the shape of the bag, but the bag in the book is just this side of AWFUL due to the color choice, I think the colors make that bag UGLY! But the shape is great!


I loved how it has two sections of I-cord that let me showcase the two colorways of our handknit. (this one is on the bottom, you can see the other on the flap)


Let’s see . . . It has been a while since we last spoke. I have been to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival for my Birthday about a week ago! One of the best seasons I have seen there in quite a while. I have missed only 5 years since I was 15 . . . so that is saying something. If you get in the area don’t miss Romeo and Juliet– the banishment scene in Act 4 is TOTALLY worth the price- it is one of the most amazing bits of blocking, timing and teamwork I have seen on stage! Also not to be missed is Gem of the Ocean. This is, hands down, one of the greatest pieces of theatre I have EVER had the honor to see! I was dumbstruck!

Oh, that yarn store from the last post never did open that day (at least not that I could catch). None of my very local LYS’s carries the Ella Rae. The lovely owner of Fashion Knit in Walnut Creek (go . . . visit . . . support her!) told me that Article Pract in Oakland did have the yarn. I called, they had it, they held it and I drove to Oakland (only about 20-30 min) and got my yarn (we won’t talk about how I professed my deep love for the woman at the counter). Came home, finished the strap and flap and BADA BING BADA BOOM . . . the GREATEST PURSE was done!

OK, I may love this purse more than is normal, but I get lots of compliments on it and I get to say, “Thank you, yes I did make it, but my son dyed the yarn for me!” It is like taking a bit of him with me everywhere. And he is getting so big . . . that I feel better for that!