Can you hate dislike a yarn shop?  My town has one LYS downtown (I am being a good girl, no names!).  It has been there for ever (one summer when I was a kid, I think I took crochet lessons there- it didn’t stick). 

Last week, as you know, Zae and I painted some yarn.  I have been turning it into a purse.  I have been having trouble with the yarn requirements of the pattern (due to the inconsistency in the colors, I found a green wool that helped pull the yarns together). 


I am pretty sure the problem is that I bought the first skein without a plan, then picked a pattern and realized I would need more of the green.  I thought I would just need 1 more.  The shop was supposed to open at 10 on Friday, I went by at 11:30- still closed.  My mom works nearby and was willing to swing by on her lunch . . . it was open.  Discovered yesterday that I needed more green (I know, I should stop guessing).  The store was to open at 11 this morning.  I was there at 11:20- still locked up.  Back at noon, still locked up . . . 1:00 still closed.  The sign on the door (not that it means anything) says they are open till 9 tonight.  I am going to try to swing by this eve.   Maybe I should call first.

I love the idea of supporting my local LYS . . . but . . . this is NUTS!  The problem is I know they have the yarn I want.  I saw it through the door this morning.  And it is not like they have much turn over.


I really want this purse done before Sweetie and I leave for Ashland on Thursday.  We go to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival for my Birthday every year.  I get to spend my Birthday (this Saturday) seeing 2 wonderful shows.  The purse is almost done; I just need to knit the flap- in green- which I am out of!  It will take NO time to finish the flap, maybe an hour or so . . . if I can get the stupid yarn (I think I might be a bit bitter about the yarn).  The purse is all together, except the flap. . . I just need the yarn!

AHHHHHHH . . . I am going to call the shop, if they don’t have it I think I will start calling around to other stores.  Thank Heaven for Ralvery . . . I had already put the yarn in my stash!

Wish me luck!

UPDATE: The posted hours for Monday were 11-9pm.  I called at 5, no answer. but the owners daughter is sometimes the only one working there and she has developmental delays (if she is the only one in the store, you have to figure your total and tax for her) so I thought well maybe she doens’t answer the phone.  I hurried dinner and popped down to check- still not open.  They are supposed to open at 10 in the morning.  I will drive past before Zae’s swim lesson at10:30, by again when we are done at pool a little after 11.  If not open, I am going to call every yarn store in the area and find it!  None of my normal ones carry Ella Rae Classic (I called to check this afternoon), but rumor has in there is a store in Berkely.  I don’t have time for this!  Sweetie and I have our romatic Birthday/Aniversery No kid trip this weekend, there is a lot of prep to do.  But I WILL GET THIS STUPID YARN IF IT KILLS ME!

Please send good yarn thoughts!