Ok . . . I have a plan!  I want to knit something for myself out of the 220 yards of wool Zae and I painted yesterday.

 I LOVE the styles of purses in Eva Wiechmann’s Pursenality Plus book.  I bought it last year and have read it, dreamed about it since then.  It is now time to do something about it.  I am going to do the “Designer Bag.”  The plan is to try to stay as close to the pattern as possible (but we know how good I am at that).  I am, however, ignoring the color ideas.  From reading the pattern, it looks like it takes 3 or maybe a bit of a 4th of Cascade 220.  That is about 660 yds.  I have 220 of the handpaint and have found an Ella Rae wool that matches well (two skeins will give me WAY more than enough).  I will use this for the base and handle and all trim as well as holding throughout during the knitting of the body.


As I was winding, it became clear that I couldn’t just run one into another (I have been deluding myself since last night that this would be possible).  I am going to use the green in order to blend them more.  I am also thinking that in the middle of the purse I will alternate the handpainted row by row so there is some of the orange and the blue mixed together.


I am not worried about them going together, after all, they were made with the same colors, just in different patterns.  I only mixed four things of color; I used the same four colors on the skeins, just in different patterns.


I shall keep you posted . . . it is kind of fun and exciting . . . this is either going to be REALLY REALLY REALLY cool  . . . or. . . REALLY REALLY REALLY bad. . . we shall see