Sorry this has taken so long to get posted.  I have no excuse . . . simply lazy!


Here is the low-down on the web-shower we had for my sister-in-law and brother in Germany.  They are due with their first child (a GIRL) in early August.  It has been odd and exciting knowing we were getting a new baby in the family, but not seeing it the way we normally do.  In order to help both families bond over the baby, we had a web shower.


It was a total success!  The web cams worked for almost 3 hours (we turned it off, not the net).  It was a total family event!

  •  Bro and Dad did a Great job getting everything set up!

  • Mom was responsible for getting all the gifts together and to Germany.  She also sent some decorations so we would match on both sides of the world.

  • Step-Mom set a wonderful German breakfast/brunch for us. 



It was really cool to have all the American Grandparents working together for this baby!


In German, it was Brother J, sister-in-law K, her mom and an aunt.  They don’t do baby showers in Germany, so it was interesting on both sides.



We had about 10 folks there, all family or might-as-well-be family.  Both sides of the family were there.  My folks have been separated since the early 80’s, I think it is VERY cool of all the family to still get along when it comes to things for my brother and me.  No one fights or gets in a wad . . . everyone was there to see and celebrate the pending birth.  Most of the party was spent sitting around, staring at the computer talking and eating.  It was great to get a chance for everyone to catch up face to face.




Of course, you can’t expect everyone to want to watch . . .




Then we got to the gifts!

Everything was very cute.  J did his best to show us what they were getting.  Those here helped him describe what was in their packages.




And here is the picture you have been waiting for . . .



The sweater in Germany!  It made it and it went over well (you gotta love J . . . I think this is a great pic of him too!)