OK- we have had the shower . . . I will blog and post about the web shower later- I need to get the photos on my computer.


NOTE:  Did I tell you . . . IT IS A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!  That makes one of each for the grandkids for my folks!  YEAH! 


Here is the set of goodies I made for the brother and sister and one on the way in Germany.  I figured that these guys needed a cool box, it has the cutest zebra on the front . . . I didn’t think to get a picture of the lid . . . oh well . . .


set boxed


Yarn: Shine Worsted in Grass

Sweater Pattern: Mason Dixon Dishcloth sweater

Sock Pattern:  Something I found on the Lion Brand website (I can’t find it now)

Hat Pattern:  a mix of the Ken’s Dulan Pattern from Yarn Harlot and the Sock Monkey hat, and a lot from my own head.


The Germany set in Grasshat and sockssweater by self

The yarn was fuzzy to knit with, and didn’t take ripping very well (after the 3 or 4th sweater pattern I started).  It lost a lot of fiber as I was knitting (I hold my yarn really tight and this is a problem for me often).  However, it is the SOFTEST thing ever.  I will use the yarn again (dude, the price is great!) and I want a summer tank or sweater for me from this yarn in a different color (grass is VERY green, I am not a green girl).

The shower was great!  I will share the pics and stories soon.  I promise, I will post more often- I have gotten caught up in the fun nothing that is summer vacation . . . I have to blast, got to get ready for another shower type thing tonight (a Pleasure Party for a friend who is getting married soon. . . It should be something fun!  I don’t know if there will be posts about that or no; Mom, Dad, in-laws, Grandmother and others read this blog too after all!)