It is Vacation Bible School week around here!  To be true it is VBS DAY CAMP week!

This means I get to go to church in the morning, teach some really cute kids the daily Bible story and then the kids stay till 5,  with lots of fun things to do in the afternoon!!!

did you catch that part . . .

ZAE STAYS AT CAMP!- 4 hours each afternoon where there is no one else in my house!

Have I done any knitting . . . NOPE!  I am not working on anything that holds my attention.  I am still working on mom’s sock, but it is all SS, I have turned the heel (on sock #1) about 1 more inch till I get to the toes . . . doesn’t really excite me at this point.  But I am following the directions!

 Instead, I have read books 5 & 6 for Harry Potter . . . I CAN NOT WAIT until the movie . . . but I am even more excited for the BOOK!!!!!!  YEAH, but also sad . . . that will be the last one!  I hate not knowing how the story ends, but I also hate that it must end and then be over. . .

OOOHHHH . . . I just heard Fed Ex drop off a package.  I wish it was yarn . . . or even yarn related . . . it isn’t . . . instead it is the textbook for a CLAD class I HAVE to take (in order to keep the job, HAVE to take).  The class started in May, I guess I should go get it and start reading ( I am a bit behind on the class to say the least).

OK . . . here I go.