I have some WONDERFUL knitting to show you  . . . really, you know the knitting that makes you proud to be a knitter . . . the BEST STUFF you have done so far kind of knitting . . .  I would love to show it to you- really I REALLY REALLY want to . . . but I can’t! 

 It is a baby present to be given at the COOLEST baby shower EVER!  On July 14! (J now you guys know it is for you, but I still can’t show the pictures!)  I will post a wonderful group of photos on July 15!Why is this the coolest shower ever- because we are doing it online.  The American side of the family will be at my Dad’s house, the German side of the family and friends will be at my brother’s house – we shall then use web-cams to share the day!  I am really excited (Gee- I hope it works!)

I shall instead share this with you . . . Zae has reached a point (at the old age of 4) where he does not think he needs a nap.  He will NOT lie down to take a nap . . . and no amount of fighting will change his mind.  However, he will take a 2 hour rest.  This means he can play with quite toys, but he must stay on his bed.  This is a great arrangement for both of us . . . I get the quiet, he gets the rest.  The best part . . . 


he falls asleep EVERY DAY!  about an hour and half into the rest . . . then he sleeps for 1 or more hours!  I love how he doesn’t realize that he is NOT getting the best side of the deal.I think he must play until he can play no more. 

You can see here, he has gotten out his Halloween costume, performed some magic and . . . Knocked Him Self OUT!

Gotta run . . . crazy busy day . . . it is hard to be popular . . . My cousin’s oldest is having his High School Graduation Party today . . . I can’t tell you how old this makes me feel.  This kid was in a stroller at my 8th grade graduation!  In the middle of the party- a dear friend is getting married!  To a WONDERFUL guy!  Really, he is one of those that makes all men look better!  The plan is to go to the Grad part, leave about an hour later- leave Zae with mom- go to the wedding, do the wedding thing- then come back to the grad party! 

Gee I feel so popular!

Have a restful Saturday- heck have one for me too!