Happy Late Father’s Day!

We had a GREAT Father’s Day weekend at the cabin.  We met Sweetie’s Dad and Step-mom at the cabin.  It was a total Father’s day experience.


The boys went fishing!


Papa and Dad taught Zae to cast.  Zae got a new kids Spiderman pole for the weekend- it was really cute and not a bad pole for $10!  Zae picked up on casting pretty quick all things considered.


Then they went to the river!


The fishing SUCKED- they didn’t catch anything but sucker fish. Grandma and I were hoping for some trout, but maybe for 4th of July!  When Zae lost interest in fishing . . . so he threw rocks!



After getting back from fishing, there were naps and snacks and dinner and campfire. Papa let Zae help build the fire!  He was thrilled!



  Then we roasted Marshmallows, which was the highlight of the weekend! At least for me . . . I can’t tell you the DEEP love I feel for a rosted marshmellow,  I think it has to do with a GREAT deal of time in Girl Scouts!

Then Zae got in a work out!



  All in all it was a perfect Father’s Day!

Here is to all the New and Old Fathers out there! 

Thank you for all you do!