Friday was awards night for my Thespian Society at school.  We had the best time!

Zae was pretending that he was the teacher!


The Little Teacher

And then, my kids gave him an award!  He got to go up on the stage and EVERYTHING!

 Best Knock Knock Joke!

 I Got an AWARD 

Zae told the cast of the Spring Show a joke:

“Knock Knock”

“Who’s there?”


“Taco Who?”

“Taco on a Pirate Ship!” 

Yep, that was the award winning joke!  My kids are so sweet!  The award made his night!  He had me hang it in his room where he can see it every night! 

Another proud moment- MY DRESS!  I haven’t had it on since before I was Prego!  Last time I tried, it was about 6 inches from zipping!  I tried it on Friday, for a kick and it FIT!!!!!!!!!!  Not the best picture of it . . . but I had to share!

My pretty dress  


That is all, not much knitting going on in our world- it is finals week!  I have the class that is in the room RIGHT NOW to grade then I don’t have any more classes!  Just a room to clean etc!!!!!!!!!!!  I am SO ready for vacation.


Especially since I just found out that I am teaching Film History next year.  I know NOTHING about film history.  I have never seen Citizen Cane or Gone with the Wind or ANYTHING like that!  I don’t go to the movies that often. 

I am trying to focus on the good side- I am going to HAVE to watch movies all summer- I will be working!!!!!!  And when I watch a movie . . . I have to knit . . . it helps keep me focused!

See it is true . . . every cloud does have a silver lining!