Thank you to all who have shared the wonky sock love!  I am proud of the wonky socks!

I figure that no matter how badly I screw up knitting anything else in the future . . . They can never be as bad as these socks.


Isn’t it great how this photo hides the true nature of the Wonky!  It took a lot of work to get it just right! 

The Socks who shall not be named have had a hard life.  Things started wonderfully for them- then they met me.They were a part of the “Learn to knit socks” kit I got from Sweetie for X-mas.  It is a testament to his love for me that he put this together.  I wanted to knit socks (they make a knitter look SO cool), so for Christmas, Sweetie bought me sock yarn, sock books, DPNs and some circs.  He then made sure I had some time to really learn the craft.

The first pair was done with worsted weight- boot socks/slippers for him.  He is wonderful, but not without other motives, I have never called him a saint.  I had intended these socks for me- but they were WAY WAY WAY too big (the first step to wonky).  I kindly handed these over (really it was socks 2 and 3 as sock 1 was ripped for its wonkyness).  I should have been warned here, that I was a wonky sock girl . . . but I am a slow learner!

color-sock.JPGI then moved on to the WONDERFUL sock yarn my sweetie had picked for me (there were 3 or 4 LYS trips involved in him finding the “right” sock yarn- the one he thought really showed ME- he settled on the Rockin’ Roll from WildFoote.)The first sock (the BIG one) seemed to start fine, then I turned the heal- and the yarn pattern got STRANGE!  It only did it on ½ of 1 sock- so I am pretty sure it wasn’t the yarn, but the knitter.  Once done- the sock was WAY too big- well not way to big, just a little larger than one would want, but hey- these were going to be round the house socks- so it would be fine.

I was going to try to make sock #2 just a little smaller.  I then spent a day at work in teacher HELL (in-service that has NOTHING to do with what I do) knitting the sock.  I had to put it away due to the bad Karma from the in-service. 

Then there was the pulled the needles out of the sock while it was swiming in my purse issue . . . it was bad.  I wondered then, would I hate these socks when I was done?

Pulled it out again to go to Stitches West– the sock and I had a fine time there- however; I may have been knitting while distracted!  Never good.

I SWEAR I was using sock #1 to guide the size of #2.  I would hold them together.  I measured, I thought I was paying attention . . .  and then they were done, and cast off and I put them on and . . .WHAT THE #&@%!  They don’t match AT ALL!!!!

Wonky Socks

I really thought about ripping, but I just couldn’t do it!  There were MONTHS of knitting in these socks . . . How could I undo that!?!So I have left them, they sit, alone, folded in my sock drawer . . . left to wonder what they ever did to deserve such a fate . . . I don’t know how to tell them that it isn’t them . . . it was me!

So far, the Fleece Artist ball band socks are doing well.  I think they shall be fine- I am trying not to let the new socks hang with those who shall not be named, I would hate to have the influence spread! 

What have you made Wonky?  Come on- we are Wonky, we are Proud!  Come on- lets spreak the Wonky Love!