Last night was it . . . The Yarn Harlot in Petaluma! This was the second time I have heard her speak, and it was different. Great, but different. Last time was a Saturday, so it was kind of an all day thing. Because you are smart, you know that last night was a Thursday . . . so things were a bit more condensed. Also, the last time was at a Yarn Store, so everyone was hanging around, not just knitting, but buying and fondling and loving the FAB yarn at Full Thread Ahead. Last night we all hung out and went to grab dinner and came back and hung out more. It was much more casual!

I was impressed by how comfortable everyone was. We went in, got our seats, left our bags and went to dinner. No one worried that things would get lost; the trust between us was great. And some people had some great yarn . . .

Mom and I met a very sweet (currently Blogless) woman, Jennifer. She was a riot. We ended up going to dinner together. I love knitters.

There were Knitters . . .

Petaluma part 1

And more Knitters . . .

Petaluma 2

Lots of Knitters and Knit Supporters (Like my wonderful mom who went with me)  

Copperfield books was well prepared and organized. I was a bit concerned before we got there after hearing reading the horror stories from Stephanie. But I was impressed.

Then SHE came up to the podium . . .  And took sock pictures. . .


And Talked!!!!!! And we LAUGHED OUR ARSES OFF!!!!!

Her theme was on the need for knitting to be respected. And the difficulty in explaining this need to those who do not knit. How our work is not silly, stupid, useless or simple. How we should be proud, we are a force . . . It was rather cool! Kind of a motivational speech for knitters.

 After speech (which despite Stephanie’s worry went GREAT!), was the signing. I love her “pre-boarding” policy for signing. If you can’t stand in the line or have a small child on you or in you, you go to the front! And God Bless the Knitters, I didn’t see much cheating (of course, I think the Harlot might have stabbed a cheater with a DPN, so it might have been for personal preservation).


 We got up for signing and she signed my book. A while ago, she mentioned that everyone’s first socks all looked so good, much better than hers did. So to make her feel better, I showed her the “Socks who shall not be named”.

I have a confession to make to you dear reader, I cheated you. When I posted the finished picture of the socks, I placed them in such a way to hide the true manner in which they were SUPER WONKY! In the interest of full disclosure, I give you the true picture of the “Socks who shall not be named.”

 Wonky Socks

When I showed them to Stephanie, she looked at me like a deer in the head lights and then stammered, “Are they supposed to be a pair?” I had to say yes! So she took my picture and asked for my blog. When I told her the address, she squinted and asked me what it was called. I told her and she said,


I COULD HAVE DIED!!!!!!!!!!!! She knows me!!! That is cool!

There should be a picture here of Stephanie and I. She is holding the short sock, I the long, because as she said “Your tall, I’m not!” However, my camera ATE it! So let us just assume that it is a wonderful picture of both of us. Neither of us has fuzzy hair due to our proximity to the water. My weight loss (10+ lbs in less than 2 months – LOVE Weight Watchers) is TOTALLY obvious! It is the best picture EVER taken of either of us. The kind where we would win America’s Next Top Model for just showing up . . . Can you see the picture!

It was great fun!