Before my son was born, my mom got us a digital camera.  We used it a lot!  Until there was a computer blow up.  We had never backed up our photos and to make a long story short, hired an IDIOT to fix that &$%* computer and bada bing bada boom lost almost ALL the photos from Zae’s first year.

 As far as I was concerned, that was the END of digital photography in our home.  Then I got in to the blog thing.  All the pictures you have EVER seen (for the most part anyway) were taken with my camera phone.  Not bad for a simple phone, but it is very limited.  Last night I decided that I would find the digital camera (after all the blow up was NOT its fault) and see what I could do.  I brought it to work this morning and found 2 memory cards full of pictures.  It was like a little trip down memory lane. 

Here are a few I wanted to share with you: 

My brother’s wedding!  They went to Reno- very spur of the moment, very romantic- and the best choice he ever made- They are wonderful together and I KNOW they will be KILLER parents!!!  It was a VERY fun 24 hours!  Zae was only 10 weeks old, and there I was, pushing my stroller through the casino!  Not many of us were able to attend . . . I am still honored that I was one of them!  Doesn’t my brother have GREAT hair!  I also have curly hair, but his seems to work so much better! 

The wedding!

Some OLD pictures of Zae- these are all AT LEAST 2 years old.  Some of them are clearly older than that.  The one on the deck at the Cabin is a family fave.  I was VERY excited to find it on the camera still.  This was one we were afraid was lost for all time!

too cool at cabin

   It amazes me how much he has changed! 

Tomorrow, I shall talk about my trip to the Harlot in Petaluma!  OK . . . that was the real reason for getting the camera together . . . I admit it!  I know the phone camera will not get the kind of shots I will want to share!  I will want to zoom, I will want to have a little control (just a little, it is a simple camera)!  I will want a good picture of me and Stephanie!   I shall need a real camera! 

Till then!