Look a new sock!



After the break from the “Socks who shall not be Named” earlier this year, I am ready to try again.  This time I will be following the pattern that came with the yarn (I SHALL DO WHAT THE PATTERN SAYS!  I SHALL DO WHAT THE PATTERN SAYS! I  SHALL DO WHAT THE PATTERN SAYS!) .  Except that I am using a different size needle (2.75mm instead of 2.5 mm). I don’t think ( I hope) this will make much of a difference. I have the needles on hand instead of having to go buy more.  You understand . . . don’t you?

The information:

Yarn: Fleece Artist 100% Washable Merino Wool in I don’t know what color.  I can’t find the name on the ball band (Really, it isn’t there!)

Pattern: the one on the inside of the ball band.  Looks like a plain SS sock.  I think this is best- until I master this. (I SHALL DO WHAT THE PATTERN SAYS!  I SHALL DO WHAT THE PATTERN SAYS! I  SHALL DO WHAT THE PATTERN SAYS!)


Question:  I just noticed that it says set of 5 needles.  Will it matter that I am doing it on 4?  I have never used 5- I don’t see why it would be harder to use 5, but I just didn’t.  I have the 5th one at home- should I add it in tonight- or do I not need to?  Any advice is welcome!


I had to start a sock, because as we all know, a sock is the most portable of all “cool” knitting.  And I need cool knitting this week!  Want to know why . . .


Tonight I am going to a knitting group.  I am really excited and really nervous.  I am excited to have more people to talk about knitting with.  I am excited to make new friends.  I am nervous because I worry they won’t like or welcome me (I know this is silly they are knitters, they must be nice) or that I won’t like them.  I have been trying to find a knitting circle for a while now, but no luck.  It seems that none of the
LYS in weeknight driving range have one that will work for me.  This one is at the local library.  Less than 5 min from my house.  The time is great and it works PERFECTLY in the family schedule!  We shall see!


I also need cool portable knitting because on Thursday I get to see the Yarn Harlot in Petaluma.  This will be the second time I have heard her speak.  Last time Mom and I laughed so hard we were a mess.  I even was pictured on her blog!  It was very exciting for a dork such as me!  This will be a VERY different event, as it is at a bookstore, not a yarn store.  I am excited.  Mom and I are heading out right after school on Thursday.  The drive toPetaluma shouldn’t be that bad- it is only and hour or so.  We will get to Cooperfields, do whatever check in we need to and then grab something to eat before she speaks at 7.


Any Bay Area Knitters going to make it?  Any one know somewhere good to eat near the store?  Anyone want to join us?  Please say HI!


So there it is, I have a new sock on needles.  I should say they are for Mom.  She loved the yarn when we were at Stitches in Feb.  After the break from socks, I am on the needle again . . . maybe the harlot can give me some better mojo for these than the last pair!



UPDATE: I was going to post this yesterday, but had photo problems.  The knitting group was GREAT.  Among the other knitters were a girl I graduated from High School with (have I mentioned I live in a small town and my family has been here for GENERATIONS- 3 born in town) and MY KINDERGARDEN teacher!  It was really cool!  I kept looking at her thinking “I know her!”  Finally she asked me my name. I told her and she said- you were in my class!  WHAT a memory (Or I was that much of a problem- I don’t remember it being a good year).  She remember my brother, my mom everyone!  I was really impressed.  It was really neat- I had a great time and can’t wait to get back to it in two weeks!


I got a lot done on the sock . . .




Gee, you can get a lot done when no one bugs you for 2 hours!