Do you love it!

My brother made it for me!!!!!!!!! 

I love it!

My Dear brother J is a graphic artist living in Germany (yep, that brother, the only one I have!).  He made this for me out of the goodness of his heart (I didn’t even have to ask him).  I LOVE IT!

We are a very creative/artistic family!  It is one of the many things about my family that I am VERY proud of. 

My mom can do just about any thing you put in front of her!  I swear, she missed her calling as a theatre props artist- she would have ROCKED that!  She can draw, write, paint, paper mache’ . . . you name it!  And more over,  she does everything wonderfully!  Once, she took Wilson Cake decorating classes.  At the end of the first round of classes, she was asked if she would like to teach them!  It is really kind of scary!  She has this amazing skill to just do things!

My dad writes (we write a lot), plays guitar and has done some acting in the past. He even did some time as the lead singer in a band.  I do think this is much cooler now than I did in High School.  I was a teen, what did I know?!?

I knit, write (not as much as I used to, but I am working on that) and do the theatre thing. 

And my brother . . . first DAMN can he write!  He has in the past done the thing where you link video/graphics to music (at raves and the like) (sorry J, I have NO IDEA what to call that!).

And then there is his art . . .  Dirty Rainbow Please go check out his site. I frequently (always) look at his art and think DANG . . .  I can’t believe I ever shared a bathroom with someone that can do that!  I am always impressed and proud! Really J, you amaze me!

I accepted the fact long ago that my brother is MUCH MUCH MUCH cooler than I.

Thank you J!  I love it!  It makes me feel so special to have some of your art made just for me!  Thank you!