That sweater in the bag from yesterday got finished this morning during my advanced acting class.  They had their big performance last weekend and are just killing time till the end of the year (our final is a how to host a murder mystery party!).  We are watching the film Noises Off (If you have not seen it DO!!!!!!!!!  It is one of the few plays turned movies that I think works well both ways!).  I get to watch the movie and knit!  Now all I have to do is sew up the sides.


I can’t show it to you yet- as it is a gift!  I don’t know when I can show it- as the gift will be given on an unspecified date.  I can’t talk about that either- Gee, I am a woman full of secrets today aren’t I!


UPDATE:  I can talk about the party now!  My sister in law knows!  We are having a Baby Shower ONLINE! See Mom, Dad and Baby are in Germany (you see there blog in my blogroll- MOFY), Dad’s family (my brother) is here!  So we are going to try to have a web shower!  We will ship the gifts and decor to them.  Then use webcams to watch them open the gifts- cool huh? I have NO IDEA if we can make it work- but I am excited to try!


I need to share a secret with you  . . . I HATE BRIDAL SHOWERS!  I love the idea.  I love the thought!  I just hate these “all women” parties where I feel the need to be MUCH more girly than I am (come on- I teach a shop class).  I love the co-ed shower, no games, just food and friends and presents- but the all girl- too much pink thing isn’t me.  I am just complaining because I am in charge of games- I don’t know the crowd well and I am unsure of my plan


Let us see, what else-

OH, for those of you in the Bay Area- don’t forget that the YARN HARLOT will be in
next Thursday.  I hope to see many of you there.  I have a feeling this will be one of those Bookstore events where they don’t have enough chairs even though MANY of us will have warned them in advance.  If you are there- PLEASE SAY HIGH!  I am the tall one with REALLY CURLY hair (of course that is the surest way to make sure that the 7th is the one day my hair is not curly isn’t it).


Sorry no Pictures today- nothing that needed one.

I will do better next time!