I can’t wait till school is over.  This last month has been VERY long.


Zae had an “issue” with his teacher- and we had to move him classrooms.  I have had problems with this teacher for a while now, but was doing the head low- it isn’t a big deal thing.  Then she was MEAN- SUPER EVIL –MEAN to my little guy and I LOST it.  If Zae had done something that would be one thing, but she was just mean for no reason- without details, she put him down during circle time IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE CLASS!  Zae was heartbroken!  Mama Bear came out and it wasn’t fun.  The end of the story is that with only 1 month left in the year- Zae got moved into the next class up.  He has wanted to “move up” for a while, and I think the class is a better brain fit for him.  The fact that he can do ALL the work that the class up is doing WITHOUT having been in the class does not say much for the school- this is why he will be at a new school next year.  Right now EVERY morning is a fight- he doesn’t want to go to school.  He just wants to stay home.  He and I have made a paper chain so he can count down the days.  I feel AWFUL for him.  It makes me so MAD that this person made a thoughtless comment and now my son is unhappy with school.  Until the day it happened, he has been excited to go to school.  I just hope the summer off will help.


As you know we have been at a contract problem with our district.  This is solved for now (YEAH), but the 2 weeks in May we spent working to contract put me SO far behind that I can’t get caught up.  My Thespian Awards night is going to suck as they are not getting any awards (they won’t be in on time).  I feel AWFUL!


All of this other junk has left me with this . . .

 Please play with me . . .


Knitting I really need/want to get done, but I don’t know when.  9 ½ school days left, 14 real days . . . I think I can . . . I think I can . . . I think I can . . .