I did a little felting last night.  I haven’t done any since maybe December- it was fun!I felted two bags (I do my felting in sweater bags) of stuff.  The first was a collection of things in the “just needs to get finished” basket.  This is not a works in progress so much as it is a “Hey Stupid, just do the last step here would you” collection.  There are 3 or 4 purses that just need the liners put in (one is even all cut out- I just need to sew it in).  I had 2 swatches that needed to be felted (see pic) and 2 headbands that needed a little more work (see below as well). 

My Mother-in-Law gave me this lovely basket (with lids!) for Christmas to “keep my knitting in.”  I think it is cute that she thought this little basket (1 foot by 2 feet, about 8 inches deep) would hold it!  (Maybe if I remember I will shoot it so you can see the lazy stuff that is in there).


The lime and teal pieces are swatches I am going to cut up and then needle felt onto some already made and felted eye glass cases.  These will be GREAT easy “Oopse, I need a gift” things.  The long striped things are supposed to be headbands/ear warmers for my many friends in colder places.  But I don’t think they worked for me.  I still have to play more- worst case; these also become needle felting fun!  Have you needle felted yet?  It is a GREAT way to deal with anger and stress!  I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Needle felting is how I got the flowers on the slippers in my banner.I also felted this: 


Kind of a small book tote.  I am thinking that it will be for Bible Studies and the like, as it is just big enough for 2 books and a pen.  I wasn’t sure what it was when I was knitting it.  It is one of those projects that I have been working on for MONTHS (I think I cast on in December), but it never really held my interest.  I decided the other day that I wanted the green yarn for something else.  I had put too much time into knitting the sack- so I just couldn’t frog it- so I finished it.  The green stripe kind of spirals around the bag.  I am in hopes it will show up more once the bag is shaved.  I will let you know!