I was cleaning the front room on Sunday, and moved a bunch of stuff off the sofa so I could clean it.  I made this pile . . .

All we need to have a good time!

In case anyone wanted to know what the most important things in our house were (besides of course the people) this is it!My yarn (from Stitches in Feb- I still need to wind so I can use), Sweetie’s guitar (AKA THE OTHER WOMAN!), and a book of Metallica music.  Yes, I married a metal-head, a good old-fashioned, used to rock the Mullet 80’s hair metal boy!  Personally, I am a folk/country/College Rock (remember when Alternative Music really was?) kind of girl.  All the chair is missing is something for Zae – a Matchbox car, or a puzzle, or whatever Zae is hung up on at the moment (it changes so fast- I hate it when people ask what he likes- I never know what to say!).

Not much else in knitting news- I should have some stuff to show in a day or so- at least some in progress stuff.  I hope to finish the next M&D sweater in the next day or so.  She is looking pretty Prego!  So I had better get it in the mail ASAP.  It does have to get all the way to Germany!