I am married to the most wonderful man!  And today is his Birthday.  I am in tech for a show, so I won’t be home till late.  So instead, I shall embarrass him and write wonderful things about him!


Our first date was the day before his Birthday.  He turned 29 in the middle of our first date.  He knew I really liked him when I called his voice mail the next day and said Happy Birthday.  I NEVER called boys, so he knew it was a good sign!


The last 9 years have been the best of my life.  He is truly an amazing man.



I knew this from the moment we found each other.  As a husband, I don’t think anyone could be more wonderful and supportive.  I am not an easy person to deal with.  I am a bit of an attention hog (MOM STOP LAUGHING!), and sweetie deals with it.  I am a bit demanding (MOM STOP LAUGHING!), and sweetie deals with me.  I know for a fact, that I could NOT be married to me, and I am amazed each day that anyone could be!


If I thought he was a wonderful husband, I could never have guessed what an AMAZING father he would be.

my boys at the zoo

Sweetie took a year off work in order to be home with Zae when he was a baby.  He understood that I love my job and could not stay home.  He wanted someone home with the baby and LOVE being that person.  I have friends who can’t really trust hubby to care for the kids without guidance.  I do not have that problem.  I have about 6 weeks a school year where I am in tech- meaning after teaching all day, I am in rehearsal until 8 or 9 each night.  Sweetie is a single parent those weeks . . . and it is OK.

I am proud of him for so many things.  I only hope to some day deserve him!  I love you Sweetie . . . Happy Birthday!


The three of us