Ok, one of the zillion cool things about joining the family I did when I married Sweetie (besides the obvious . . . HIM!) was the family cabin.  It is on the Feather River (by on I mean deck. . . 4 feet. . . River Bank),  outside of Quincy in CA (if you know where this is- I am impressed, most of my friends who have lived in Northern California their whole lives have NO Idea where I am talking about.).  In the past 9 years (our first date was NINE YEARS AGO TODAY!!!!!!! Oh my gosh!), the cabin has become a place where we go to recharge ourselves, it is where I learned to LOVE fish (it is a requirement for being in the family, cabin breakfast at its best includes really fresh trout, caught that morning).  It is where Zae is learning to fish (he will get his first pole for father’s day- to go fishing with Papa and Daddy!).  It is a place of a zillion traditions.  I really don’t have words to describe the deep love I have for this place . . . The Knotty Pine great room with a stone fireplace. . . the bumper pool table . . . the furniture which all looks so VERY cabin (in other words, very dated, but fits in FAB in the woods), . . . The magazines that were all old Last year, and yet I read them again (I have a deap love for a Better Homes and Gardens from 2003!).   A phone was only put in a few years ago, when Papa retired, so that Grandma could reach him (I think Zae and Papa would both move to the cabin in a HEARTBEAT).   Papa also had TV put in a few years ago (so he wouldn’t miss games during fishing season).  But it is the kind of place where my son says, “Mommy, why do we have a TV?  You DON’T NEED a TV at the cabin!” (we NEVER turn the TV on!)  It is just that kind of perfect place.   I think the first words I said as I entered the cabin for the first time say it best, “Oh my GOD, this is a perfect cabin!  It is everything a cabin should ever be!”

Last season the kitchen towels were getting a bit, well, OLD (did I mention the kitchen at the cabin is better than mine at home! I LOVE IT!).  So I knit a set for my father-in-law’s birthday.  Then I gave them away without pictures.  Well, they are late, but here they are:  huntsinger-towels-1.jpg

I did two of these- towel toppers, I LOVE the buttons:  these are the Cabins; the others have buttons that look like little “Gone Fishing” signs. 


These are my first Fan and Feather lace towels- they started the Jag i have been talking about.  I must say- they are a little thinner than I would like ( I prefer 3 repeats instead of just 2), but just about PERFECT for drying hands.  Here you see the towels, relaxing on the deck with the river running below (I told you we are ON the river). 

I knew Papa was a good person for yarn gifts because he proudly displays this at the cabin.    flag-blanket.jpg  This crochet flag blanket was made by an old woman (I don’t know her age for a fact, I just have this picture in my head) in the area, and raffled off at the Fair in Twain.  He as two or three other blankets, potholders etc all from the Twain raffle over the years.  He loves them. 

I knew he would like the towels as well.  It felt great to come in and see them!  So thank you to Papa and the rest of the family!  It is great to know that there is one place that my yarn is always going to fit in!