LOOK!!!! blue-white-layette.jpg

I finished! 

This was so much fun (I am working on another set much the same right now! The second set is in a diffrent yarn (Knit Picks Shine Worsted, GRASS).Yarn: Peaches and Cream- faded Denim.  Bib & Sweater on Size 6 needles.  Hat on size 4s.

Patterns: Sweater & Bib from Mason Dixon book. 

Hat sort of from the Yarn Harlot’s Ken’s Dulan Hat, sort of from the sock monkey hat, sort of from my head.  By sort of I mean, I have made all those hats a few times, and instead of looking something up, I just went for it.  I cast on 60 last night about 5:30 (I decided that the set needed a hat), knit in the round till I thought it was long enough, K8 K2T, knit next round, then K7 K2T etc till I was K4 K2T, then you cut out the knit round, when you have 1 left on each needle, put all on one and I cord- TADA baby hat! 

 I cast off at 10 last night(gotta love the 5 hour project)- it would have gone faster, except that Sweetie has class on Thursday nights, so I had to feed the kid and things like that.  I did learn last night that I could read and knit at the same time.  I know this is not a big deal to some- but I mastered the skill of reading and knitting in bed-  It was great fun.


This picture shows that hat in more of it’s cuteness.  I love the little thing on top! The hat is still damp; I hope it will dry today.  I have to get them wrapped today, as the shower is Sunday.  I am not able to go (YEAH cabin), but my mom is going- so she will take my gift too!  I wish I could see her open it.