I want to explain something from yesterday’s bit, I think I was unclear and don’t want to be understood.  It was a Rally to honor ALL the kids who had a 2.0 GPA or higher.  I LOVE the idea of honoring kids who are passing (2.0 is a C average).  Kids with 3.0 or higher (B average) have another assembly (which was held over a month ago!) to honor them.  The 2.0 kids aren’t impressed by the rally (I was asked by one, “what does a pie eating contest have to do with my grades?”).  The 3.0 kids asked, “why are we doing this again?  We have too much to do in class!”   I talked to 60+ kids after the rally on Tuesday, everyone wanted to know why they had to go.  No studnet said they felt honored.  Instead they were board.

I love the idea – lets honor the kids who do well.  But the way it is done has no point.

OK- now I have a secret . . . a few weeks ago I joined WeightWatchers.  I went to my weigh in last night- I HAVE LOST 8 POUNDS!  I was shocked.  First, I am bothered that 8 lbs didn’t show up (I hadn’t noticed).  Second, I thought it was easy (that is asking for trouble, bet I GAIN back next week for saying that!).  I LOVE Weight Watchers!

That is all- we are off to the cabin this weekend.  I hope to get some great knitting done!  I don’t know what it will be yet- but knitting will happen.