We had a rally this morning.  A total waste of my time!  My kids even wanted to know if the class could all SKIP the rally and keep working (this would have made the period 2 1/2 hours long).  That the kids (granted, it was my advanced class and they have a show next week) would rather work in class than attend this thing says a lot!  My kids sat there and did work! 

I understand the need for school spirit and such, but PLEASE- we are here to get an education- not sit in the gym and watch pie eating contests.

Did I mention this was a rally to honor academics- we took class time (most classes are only 30 min- pointless) in order to honor kids for doing well in class.  WE wasted a day of teaching in order to honor kids for grades,  all during the end of the school year, with major projects, class trips and graduation looming around the corner!  And it was for 1st semester, it took this long to get it together for LAST semester, it was over the end of January- I can’t even remember what I did in January! 

This is what I did during the rally . . .


Another bib for another baby.  One of the women who sits behind me in church is due next month.  I thought I would do a few of the M&D Bibs for her.  I don’t know her well, I am not even sure of her name, but it just seems like a nice thing to do.  This is not the cone yarn- but Sugar and Cream.  I was going to do the first sweater in this, but dye lots being what they are- I couldn’t find more than 1 ball in any lot- so I have like 3 balls in this color that DON’T MATCH AT ALL!

My next post shall address the EVIL that is the new M&D baby sweater.  The problem is not with the knitting, but with the fly by the seat of her pants, I know what I am doing and I don’t need to write anything down knitter.   I wonder, will I ever get the fact that I NEED, MUST write down what I am thinking!

I don’t think so either . . .