This is what my family did for fun on Wednesday night.  The blurry pic (on porpose) shows just a small portion of the teachers and teacher supporters at our School Board meeting last night. 

We had a rally/protest before the meeting then a few people spoke at the meeting.  We returned the LAME, TRASHY CHEAP tote bags given to the teachers yesterday for National DAY OF THE TEACHER.  We asked insted that they fill the bags with health coverage.  That is the sticking point.  They want to cut our health coverage.  We say NO!  We want the same choice we have always had.  Benifits are one of the real good things when it comes to teaching.  The pay is garbage, but full coverage is nice-  They want to take that away from us.  And they are surprised when my school alone has lost 44 teachers over the past 4 years!  Gee . . . anyone have any ideas.

Tonight I hope to get some knitting in- if the migraine I am fighting today doesn’t win.  I think it might be stress related.

Thanks for letting me vent!