OK- this was cool to knit!

When the knitting was done it looked like this . . .


Then two quick seams up the side and I have this . . .


Sorry the pictures isn’t great- It didn’t want to work with me last night.  I wish I would remember to take more pictures in the morning!  They look so much better!  But I don’t remember much in the morning!

Again, the is the Dishcloth cotton sweater from Mason Dixion.  The yarn is peaches and cream- from a cone!  LOVE THE CONE!

The sweater is mostly to pattern, except that I made each sleeve 3 stitches to long, but didn’t realize it until it was too late for lazy me to rip back.  So I left the ends open for a kind of loose casual cuff (not that you can see this in the pic!).  These extra stitches came back to haunt me at the end- so I had to do some quick make 1’s at the end so that the fronts would be wide enough.  I kind of like the way it flared because of them.  I am not sure how I will close this one- I made I-cord ties, but I think they look lumpy. I am also thinking about buttons- but that will loose some of the adjustability of the wrap.  Then we add that I don’t know if the baby is a boy or girl (I am making 2 of these, one isn’t going to find out, the other won’t show!).  The final option is ribbon ties (as listed in the actual pattern).

Any ideas?

I also whipped this bib out of the same yarn from the pattern in the Mason Dixion book.  It was GREAT brainless knitting!


It will get a button closure.  The mom who gets this (and the sweater above I think) and I were in Girl Scouts together FOREVER as kids (into high school!).  The M&D book suggestes old badges to decorate.  The book talks about boy scout badges, but I am thinking of hunting up an old Girl Scout badge- something like camping or the like that would also work for a boy- I think it would be cool!

Have a good one!