I have blogged about this one- but not posted pictures.  I am really in love with this pattern and the yarn, Peaches and Cream.  I know why Ann and Kay love it so.  The WHOLE cone is less than $7!  I can get 2 or 3 sweaters and bibs and all kinds of stuff from the cone.  The cone has one down side- it does not fit into my purse- so this is sofa knitting only.  Which is why it has taken me so long.  It knits SUPER fast, but I do more knitting on the go than at home.  As of late, home time is either crazy busy or total VEG-OUT, the middle ground is not my friend.


I must admit that there is a sick joy in knitting from the cone- the total lack of fear that I may run out of yarn is GREAT.

And for all the mom’s to be that I know, don’t worry- I am not giving away who the sweater is for- I don’t know myself yet!  It will all depend on when Obie stops hiding and shows you all the goods!  I am not a fan of pink- so even the girls on the way should expect blues and greens from me.  There is only so much pink one should be forced to deal with . . . you know!

I will keep you posted on the strike.  Our union Pres joined us this am.  I must say, I do love my union, they stick up for us well.  But UNION people are so very . . . well . . . UNION . . . I have trouble being as “into” it as they are.  This whole work to rule thing sucks- as a theatre teacher the nature of my job is not work to rule (I don’t think any teacher’s is).  I now have to make some choices, how work to rule to I want to be- if I am too work to rule, then I am shooting myself for next year- but I also support the union’s point.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH . . .  so much fun, so little time.

Have a good one!