I know so many people who are going to have babies!  We have a teacher with twins in the oven!!!!!!  And there is the Germany Baby!!!!!!!!!  And now there is one on the way in CANADA!!!!!!!  Not to mention the little girl who arrived in the Northern Washington area in November- I am surrounded by babies in cold places- OK the twins don’t count as cold- but there are two of them- so they shall be excused. 

One of my knitting buddies and I have aready started plans for matching blankets- of course we made this plan while standing outside in the rain in a “work to the rule” protest at school.  I LOVE THIS (she said sarcastically).  See my union is without contract AGAIN.  I have been teaching here 9 years, we went on strike 7 years ago (in 2000).  It was awful.  It took years and years for everything to be calm at school again.  For the in fighting and backbiting to stop.  I don’t want to deal with that again. It was awful.  We are now in mediation, we have been here before since the strike.  But they (the union reps and district) seem more serious this time.  I am getting a bit scared. . .  I really don’t want to do that again!  I can’t begin to say how much it sucks as a teacher to not be able to do your job.  Teacher love to teach, it isn’t really about money or Health coverage (these are VERY important things by the way), but it IS about RESPECT!  The fact that I am a highly educated professional and I DESERVE to be treated as such.

SORRY . . . I didn’t expect that soap box.  Forgive me!

The real reason I am posting. . .



Moda-Dea Cutesie is a fun baby yarn, very soft and sweet colors.  It is not yarn I would have bought myself, my mom bought it when I was working on a diffrent project.  I have made a bunny toy from this as well.  I think i am going to frog the nose and eyes on that one and try again.

If I remember, I have a baby sweater at home that is almost photo ready!  It is the dishcloth baby sweater from mason Dixion-  WAY FUN!  My husband is even excitied to see how it all works together.

Till Then . . .