May 2007

I can’t wait till school is over.  This last month has been VERY long.


Zae had an “issue” with his teacher- and we had to move him classrooms.  I have had problems with this teacher for a while now, but was doing the head low- it isn’t a big deal thing.  Then she was MEAN- SUPER EVIL –MEAN to my little guy and I LOST it.  If Zae had done something that would be one thing, but she was just mean for no reason- without details, she put him down during circle time IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE CLASS!  Zae was heartbroken!  Mama Bear came out and it wasn’t fun.  The end of the story is that with only 1 month left in the year- Zae got moved into the next class up.  He has wanted to “move up” for a while, and I think the class is a better brain fit for him.  The fact that he can do ALL the work that the class up is doing WITHOUT having been in the class does not say much for the school- this is why he will be at a new school next year.  Right now EVERY morning is a fight- he doesn’t want to go to school.  He just wants to stay home.  He and I have made a paper chain so he can count down the days.  I feel AWFUL for him.  It makes me so MAD that this person made a thoughtless comment and now my son is unhappy with school.  Until the day it happened, he has been excited to go to school.  I just hope the summer off will help.


As you know we have been at a contract problem with our district.  This is solved for now (YEAH), but the 2 weeks in May we spent working to contract put me SO far behind that I can’t get caught up.  My Thespian Awards night is going to suck as they are not getting any awards (they won’t be in on time).  I feel AWFUL!


All of this other junk has left me with this . . .

 Please play with me . . .


Knitting I really need/want to get done, but I don’t know when.  9 ½ school days left, 14 real days . . . I think I can . . . I think I can . . . I think I can . . .


I did a little felting last night.  I haven’t done any since maybe December- it was fun!I felted two bags (I do my felting in sweater bags) of stuff.  The first was a collection of things in the “just needs to get finished” basket.  This is not a works in progress so much as it is a “Hey Stupid, just do the last step here would you” collection.  There are 3 or 4 purses that just need the liners put in (one is even all cut out- I just need to sew it in).  I had 2 swatches that needed to be felted (see pic) and 2 headbands that needed a little more work (see below as well). 

My Mother-in-Law gave me this lovely basket (with lids!) for Christmas to “keep my knitting in.”  I think it is cute that she thought this little basket (1 foot by 2 feet, about 8 inches deep) would hold it!  (Maybe if I remember I will shoot it so you can see the lazy stuff that is in there).


The lime and teal pieces are swatches I am going to cut up and then needle felt onto some already made and felted eye glass cases.  These will be GREAT easy “Oopse, I need a gift” things.  The long striped things are supposed to be headbands/ear warmers for my many friends in colder places.  But I don’t think they worked for me.  I still have to play more- worst case; these also become needle felting fun!  Have you needle felted yet?  It is a GREAT way to deal with anger and stress!  I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Needle felting is how I got the flowers on the slippers in my banner.I also felted this: 


Kind of a small book tote.  I am thinking that it will be for Bible Studies and the like, as it is just big enough for 2 books and a pen.  I wasn’t sure what it was when I was knitting it.  It is one of those projects that I have been working on for MONTHS (I think I cast on in December), but it never really held my interest.  I decided the other day that I wanted the green yarn for something else.  I had put too much time into knitting the sack- so I just couldn’t frog it- so I finished it.  The green stripe kind of spirals around the bag.  I am in hopes it will show up more once the bag is shaved.  I will let you know!

I was cleaning the front room on Sunday, and moved a bunch of stuff off the sofa so I could clean it.  I made this pile . . .

All we need to have a good time!

In case anyone wanted to know what the most important things in our house were (besides of course the people) this is it!My yarn (from Stitches in Feb- I still need to wind so I can use), Sweetie’s guitar (AKA THE OTHER WOMAN!), and a book of Metallica music.  Yes, I married a metal-head, a good old-fashioned, used to rock the Mullet 80’s hair metal boy!  Personally, I am a folk/country/College Rock (remember when Alternative Music really was?) kind of girl.  All the chair is missing is something for Zae – a Matchbox car, or a puzzle, or whatever Zae is hung up on at the moment (it changes so fast- I hate it when people ask what he likes- I never know what to say!).

Not much else in knitting news- I should have some stuff to show in a day or so- at least some in progress stuff.  I hope to finish the next M&D sweater in the next day or so.  She is looking pretty Prego!  So I had better get it in the mail ASAP.  It does have to get all the way to Germany!

I am married to the most wonderful man!  And today is his Birthday.  I am in tech for a show, so I won’t be home till late.  So instead, I shall embarrass him and write wonderful things about him!


Our first date was the day before his Birthday.  He turned 29 in the middle of our first date.  He knew I really liked him when I called his voice mail the next day and said Happy Birthday.  I NEVER called boys, so he knew it was a good sign!


The last 9 years have been the best of my life.  He is truly an amazing man.



I knew this from the moment we found each other.  As a husband, I don’t think anyone could be more wonderful and supportive.  I am not an easy person to deal with.  I am a bit of an attention hog (MOM STOP LAUGHING!), and sweetie deals with it.  I am a bit demanding (MOM STOP LAUGHING!), and sweetie deals with me.  I know for a fact, that I could NOT be married to me, and I am amazed each day that anyone could be!


If I thought he was a wonderful husband, I could never have guessed what an AMAZING father he would be.

my boys at the zoo

Sweetie took a year off work in order to be home with Zae when he was a baby.  He understood that I love my job and could not stay home.  He wanted someone home with the baby and LOVE being that person.  I have friends who can’t really trust hubby to care for the kids without guidance.  I do not have that problem.  I have about 6 weeks a school year where I am in tech- meaning after teaching all day, I am in rehearsal until 8 or 9 each night.  Sweetie is a single parent those weeks . . . and it is OK.

I am proud of him for so many things.  I only hope to some day deserve him!  I love you Sweetie . . . Happy Birthday!


The three of us


Ok, one of the zillion cool things about joining the family I did when I married Sweetie (besides the obvious . . . HIM!) was the family cabin.  It is on the Feather River (by on I mean deck. . . 4 feet. . . River Bank),  outside of Quincy in CA (if you know where this is- I am impressed, most of my friends who have lived in Northern California their whole lives have NO Idea where I am talking about.).  In the past 9 years (our first date was NINE YEARS AGO TODAY!!!!!!! Oh my gosh!), the cabin has become a place where we go to recharge ourselves, it is where I learned to LOVE fish (it is a requirement for being in the family, cabin breakfast at its best includes really fresh trout, caught that morning).  It is where Zae is learning to fish (he will get his first pole for father’s day- to go fishing with Papa and Daddy!).  It is a place of a zillion traditions.  I really don’t have words to describe the deep love I have for this place . . . The Knotty Pine great room with a stone fireplace. . . the bumper pool table . . . the furniture which all looks so VERY cabin (in other words, very dated, but fits in FAB in the woods), . . . The magazines that were all old Last year, and yet I read them again (I have a deap love for a Better Homes and Gardens from 2003!).   A phone was only put in a few years ago, when Papa retired, so that Grandma could reach him (I think Zae and Papa would both move to the cabin in a HEARTBEAT).   Papa also had TV put in a few years ago (so he wouldn’t miss games during fishing season).  But it is the kind of place where my son says, “Mommy, why do we have a TV?  You DON’T NEED a TV at the cabin!” (we NEVER turn the TV on!)  It is just that kind of perfect place.   I think the first words I said as I entered the cabin for the first time say it best, “Oh my GOD, this is a perfect cabin!  It is everything a cabin should ever be!”

Last season the kitchen towels were getting a bit, well, OLD (did I mention the kitchen at the cabin is better than mine at home! I LOVE IT!).  So I knit a set for my father-in-law’s birthday.  Then I gave them away without pictures.  Well, they are late, but here they are:  huntsinger-towels-1.jpg

I did two of these- towel toppers, I LOVE the buttons:  these are the Cabins; the others have buttons that look like little “Gone Fishing” signs. 


These are my first Fan and Feather lace towels- they started the Jag i have been talking about.  I must say- they are a little thinner than I would like ( I prefer 3 repeats instead of just 2), but just about PERFECT for drying hands.  Here you see the towels, relaxing on the deck with the river running below (I told you we are ON the river). 

I knew Papa was a good person for yarn gifts because he proudly displays this at the cabin.    flag-blanket.jpg  This crochet flag blanket was made by an old woman (I don’t know her age for a fact, I just have this picture in my head) in the area, and raffled off at the Fair in Twain.  He as two or three other blankets, potholders etc all from the Twain raffle over the years.  He loves them. 

I knew he would like the towels as well.  It felt great to come in and see them!  So thank you to Papa and the rest of the family!  It is great to know that there is one place that my yarn is always going to fit in!

LOOK!!!! blue-white-layette.jpg

I finished! 

This was so much fun (I am working on another set much the same right now! The second set is in a diffrent yarn (Knit Picks Shine Worsted, GRASS).Yarn: Peaches and Cream- faded Denim.  Bib & Sweater on Size 6 needles.  Hat on size 4s.

Patterns: Sweater & Bib from Mason Dixon book. 

Hat sort of from the Yarn Harlot’s Ken’s Dulan Hat, sort of from the sock monkey hat, sort of from my head.  By sort of I mean, I have made all those hats a few times, and instead of looking something up, I just went for it.  I cast on 60 last night about 5:30 (I decided that the set needed a hat), knit in the round till I thought it was long enough, K8 K2T, knit next round, then K7 K2T etc till I was K4 K2T, then you cut out the knit round, when you have 1 left on each needle, put all on one and I cord- TADA baby hat! 

 I cast off at 10 last night(gotta love the 5 hour project)- it would have gone faster, except that Sweetie has class on Thursday nights, so I had to feed the kid and things like that.  I did learn last night that I could read and knit at the same time.  I know this is not a big deal to some- but I mastered the skill of reading and knitting in bed-  It was great fun.


This picture shows that hat in more of it’s cuteness.  I love the little thing on top! The hat is still damp; I hope it will dry today.  I have to get them wrapped today, as the shower is Sunday.  I am not able to go (YEAH cabin), but my mom is going- so she will take my gift too!  I wish I could see her open it. 

 I want to explain something from yesterday’s bit, I think I was unclear and don’t want to be understood.  It was a Rally to honor ALL the kids who had a 2.0 GPA or higher.  I LOVE the idea of honoring kids who are passing (2.0 is a C average).  Kids with 3.0 or higher (B average) have another assembly (which was held over a month ago!) to honor them.  The 2.0 kids aren’t impressed by the rally (I was asked by one, “what does a pie eating contest have to do with my grades?”).  The 3.0 kids asked, “why are we doing this again?  We have too much to do in class!”   I talked to 60+ kids after the rally on Tuesday, everyone wanted to know why they had to go.  No studnet said they felt honored.  Instead they were board.

I love the idea – lets honor the kids who do well.  But the way it is done has no point.

OK- now I have a secret . . . a few weeks ago I joined WeightWatchers.  I went to my weigh in last night- I HAVE LOST 8 POUNDS!  I was shocked.  First, I am bothered that 8 lbs didn’t show up (I hadn’t noticed).  Second, I thought it was easy (that is asking for trouble, bet I GAIN back next week for saying that!).  I LOVE Weight Watchers!

That is all- we are off to the cabin this weekend.  I hope to get some great knitting done!  I don’t know what it will be yet- but knitting will happen.

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