Look . . .



Just like I promised!

This is my current obsession!  Knit hand towels.  I do them top down.  With the little flap you can then hang on the handle to the fridge or the oven.  My grandmother, Goose (not her real name, but what we ALL called her . . . she used to get letters from camp addressed to Goose Fruits)  always had one of these in the kitchen.  I miss them.

I looked all over the net to find a top down kitchen towel pattern.  Couldn’t find one.  I wanted top down, so I could just end the towel when I was out of yarn.  I think I will write this pattern up and post it at some point.

Right now, I am doing them all with feather and fan lace.  I love this pattern.  I can do it from memory.  It looks really cool and fancy, but isn’t all that hard to do!  That is what I LOVE!