OH MY GOSH!  I went with my mom, and a high school age cousin and his friend last night to see Kathleen Turner and Bill Irvin in Albee’s Whose Afraid of Virgina Woolf.  OH MY GOSH!!!  WOW!  I love when I get to go to “Big” theatre (tour shows from New  York and the like) and they are as good as I want them to be!  Last night was.

Ms. Turner is as wonderful live as you would think.  When you go see BIG theatre with BIG names, there is what I think is this STUPID moment when the NAME comes on stage and the house claps.   I hate this.  As a massive theatre geek, I think that real clapping, more than just the polite thank you for performing for us, should be earned.  I think that just because you have had amazing performances BEFORE the one I am about to see does not mean that you deserve to be clapped for BEFORE you perform for me.  Live theatre is just that Live . . . I can’t count the number of times I have told my kids that no matter how good last nights show was, it doesn’t count and might as well not have ever happened for all it matters.  It is this show, this audience that counts, everything else is under the bridge.

Having said that- SHE REALLY DESERVED IT!  WOW!  The whole cast (all 4 of them) were great, amazing really.   If you ever get the chance to see the show- DO IT!  Wow- it is dark, funny, twisted and one of the saddest thing I have ever seen- but SEE IT.

They other joy for the evening, my cousin and his friend.  Both are in or will be next year an arts academy program.  Friend is in the Drama portion.  It was fun to get to attend such a show with 2 kids who wanted to know more.  We talked about false arches (when you make the traditional stage opening smaller in order to focus the attention in on a drama).  We talked about the acting challenges to holding the attention of thousands of people when the house is so open and large and designed for things like musicals (I saw CATS and Fiddler and RENT in the same theatre we were in last night).  It was fun.  It was also really sweet to hear cousin’s friend say, “WOW your cousin is brilliant!”  to which cousin said, “Yep, if you want to learn about theatre, you want to go with Kae and Auntie( what he calls my  mom).”

Later, they both said they wished they could come to my school instead of theirs.  That my program sounded much better than thiers!

It was a great night!  Today we are off to a children’s museum!  Have a great one!