I can’t get photos to work on this silly thing when i am at home.  I will have to work on this before the summer – I don’t want to think about 2 months without this!

It is Spring Break here in the East Bay.  The weather has been nice.  We (Zae and I) went to the Lawrence Hall of Science yesterday.  The big exibit is Science of the Circus!  Pretty cool.  Zae’s real interest was in the costume section (I LOVE MY KID!).

Yesterday morning, I went to the eye dr.  I AM GETING CONTACTS!  I have a fitting (like it is a wedding dress) tonight and then I should have the contacts by the end of the week.  I am so excited. I have kind of been wearing glasses since I was 18 (we won’t talk about how many years ago that was), the last 2 1/2 years I have been unable to go without the glasses.  I didn’t mind glasses until I didn’t have a choice.  If I want to get all cute and go to the theatre with my husband, something about the glasses lessones teh look to me.  I don’t know . . . maybe i ams till stuck on that whole 4 eyes thing from school you know . . .  anyway I get contacts!  YEAH ME!

On the knitting front.  I just finshed a whole set of kitchen towels for my Father in Law.  They turned out GREAT (of course, I didn’t take a picture).  I knit 2 dishclots, 2 handtowels and 2 toppers, I was able to find a set of wal-mart cloths that matched the yarn I choose PERFECTLY!  It really looked cool.  The buttons for the toppers were perfect (Zae picked them out), 2 cabins and “Gone Fishing” signs.  Perfect for the fishing cabin!

I am now sitting here looking at a small stash (big enough for my small house) and I have nothing I want to knit.  Lots of cotton, esp in blues (baby sweater gone crazy!), the yoda sweater which is not a yoda sweater anymore (I thought 2 cotton wrap sweaters for the Germany baby would be silling, so yoda has become a cardi).  Not that I have a pattern, but I have made two baby cardis already and they turned out.  I know, this is not a good sign. 

I just got the Harlot’s new book, she talks about process vs. product knitters- I am all about the process.  I don’t really care what comes out, I just like to do it- I don’t mind what I am working out.  I have a pile of finished things almost a large as my stash.  I finish and I move on.  It has become a bit of a joke that that when a Birthday rolls around, I did through the pile to find a gift.  A number of Chritmas gifts were done this way too!  (I am not worried about this getting out to the wrong people, those who I “Know” who read this all got things I made JUST FOR THEM!Really!).

I am going to see the Harlot in June.  I am excited for a few reasons.  First, She kills ME! Second, I can’t wait to get rid of all the hats!

 Well that is the news over here.  I get to go see Who’s Afraid of Virgina Wolfe in SF  on Wednesday!  I am pretty excited!