Ok- I have a few confessions to make about the Yarn Harlot!

1.  I was a kind of knitter for about a year.  I could do a few stitches.  I had made a scarf or two.  You know the beginner scarf- 1 ball of Noro bought in July, knit on size 11 needles, only 3 inches wide- finished just in time for Christmas! A kind of knitter- then I was in Borders with the family and found this book:

Yarn Harlot: The Secret Life of a Knitter

My sweetie bought it for me for Mother’s day!  I read the whole thing in a few hours (I read at a freakish speed).  I laughed, I cried, I thought- heck, I can do that!  and I did!

2.  September of 2006, I MET the HARLOT!  She was at Full Thread Ahead, in Los Gatos, CA and I heard her talk!  Laughed my Rear off!  This is when I started the blog.  This is when I was doing nothing but knitting and felting purses and bags.  This was when I started bringing Kniting EVERYWHERE!  I was a knitter.

3. Now I always have Knitting with me.  I think I am well on the way to being a KNITTER- you know, with yarn instead of blood!  She is coming to the area again in June- I will be there!  Mom has gotten us seating passes (if you are in the Bay Area and want to go, call the store ASAP- they are only giving 200 seating passes, 300+ of us were at Full Thread Ahead, be prepared).

4. Tuesday, I posted a comment to the Harlot’s Blog (7th comment).  I have done this a few times before.  Nothing thrilling.  But Tuesday. . .  SHE WROTE ME BACK!  I just about croked!  Now I know what I DORK I am.  I know this is just nuts!  But you would think Bernadette Peters (another hero) had called me to say Hi!  I called the sweetie- he was very amused at the giggle fit I had.  I called Mom, she mentioned something about it being a bit odd that I am so fond of Mrs. Pearl-McPhee (I think she said something about worship, but I think that was going just a bit far- I think . . .).  I treid to explain to my Advanced Kids why I was so excited and giggly . . . they didn’t get it.

(I would like to tkae a moment to point out that Mom got the seats did all the hoops to get the seating charts to see the Harlot again, yet she does not even knit.  I love you Mom!)

I tried to figure out why I am so fond of our Harlot.  And I came up with this . . . I truly believe that if we ran into each other in a yarn shop- we could go have a beer!  I think each of us who read her work feel as if she is a friend. She makes KNITTING seem less stressful, she reminds us that it is just string and sticks, not rocket science!  She writes and I feel I can do it. 

So thank you Stephanie.  I can’t wait for the new book (it is in the mail right now) and I will see you in June. I will be the one trying to be cool!