There are those among us who will say that Red Heart yarn is not worth knitting with.  Normally, I would agree.  I much prefer my yarn to have at least SOMETHING natural in it-  and lets be honest, most Red Heart feels like springy plastic. 

However, it does have a few things worthy of it.  I give you a baby doll blanket/cape:

I’m a Knitting Super Hero!

Now Zae has a real superman cape. He has a whole BOX of costumes (after all, I do teach theatre, dress up is a BIG part of my life).  But when he needs to be a REAL superhero,  when the world REALLY needs him, he needs his knitted cape!  Because that is where the REAL magic is (his words!)

I whipped this thing up in a few hours- doubled the yarn, big needles, K1, K2TG, YO, K till end- repeat each row- the ULTIMATE in mindless knitting. His baby Arthur was cold and needed a baby size blanket- how could a mom say no? Now the corners are all streached out, becuase he uses the YO’s to tie the cape on.

There is nothing more heart warming than seeing something I made for him used and abused and played with till it is thrashed.  I am so proud that he can feel the “magic” in even the most simple item made by hand with love.  He knows it is more powerful than any store bought costume.

Imagine what will happen when I get around to knitting him a whole sweater-  I am not sure the world is ready for that much magic!