Ok- life is getting back to normal!

I have finished the first of my fingerless glvoes from the Alpaca I scored at Stitches.  They came out a little short for me, but a dear friends sister is going to LOVE them!  They still need to be blocked a bit- but I do like them.


I think I am going to do the Dashing ones for me from the same yarn, these should be for me.

 Other knitting news- I finally got the Mason/Dixion book last weekend.  I went looking for the Harlots new one and none of the bookstores near me have it!!!!  It is starting to bug!

I LOVE THE MASON/DIXION book!  Finally, others who love the dishcloth.  I can’t even tell you how much I love Sugar and Cream dishcloth cotton!  I started the baby kimono (from the book) last night for the little one on its way in Germany (we still don’t know boy/girl, seems little one is a bit shy! or at least is hiding its flasher side for now!). 

 I am also doing a towel & dishcloth set for my Father in Law.  He has a FAB cabin (Fab doesn’t begin to explain the amazing wonder of the cabin).  The cabin is about 20 years old, as are most of the kitchen towels.  Last season (it is a fishing cabin), I said I would work out a new set for him for this season.  Fishing season opens in 2 weeks (I think) and I am way behind.  I have a good handful of dishcloths, but no towels.  We will see him on Easter.  I have the first (only handmade I fear) on the needles on my desk right now:


I am making up the pattern as I go.  I only have 1 ball of the cotton in question left- all the patterns I had called for 2, so I am doing Fan and Feather lace, hoping to make the yarn last with lots of holes.  I CO 60 stitches, will do 10 repeats of the full pattern, then I need to figure out how to decrease without looking lame.  It will be the kind of towel that has a button thing on top so you can hang it on a handle without it slipping off.  If I can’t make

I like Feather and Fan, it goes pretty fast and I can memorize it.  This is a good thing.  I know there are people who love to knit hard things.  Who love the challege. I am not one of those!  I knit to zone out.  I love to get lost in a pattern and just veg out!  I do not like SS (I get into the garter parts and forget to purl!). I like the little cables on Fetching, enough to look cool, but not so much I have to pay attention!  I like a lace I can remember, I don’t want to follow a chart, I just want to knit!

Ok- enough soap box for easy knitting!  I do love me some garter!