Opening Night is Tonight!  This is one of my FAVE things:


The tears and hard work have all paid off!  Hours of Rehearsal!  Painting, building, sewing and stressing have all gone in to this moment!  I LIVE FOR THIS!

No- this is not the size of the audience- this was taken during 1st dress rehearsal.  Our show will run for 3 nights and we should have between 300 and 400 people see the run!  This is a DRASTIC improvement fromwhen I first took on this program 9 years ago (I swear, I can’t be that old!).  Then I had between 100-200 people over 3 shows.  I am really proud of the growth and quality of the program.  The kids are amazing and wonderful and they work really, really hard!  And it shows!

 Thank you for putting up with my lack of posting the past few weeks- the play kind of takes over my life the few weeks before we open.  I promise to return to my knitting soon!