Well, last night was the start of tech week- this means rehearsals each night until 9:30 or when we have done the day’s job, which ever comes first- theatre hurts . . . right.

As every tech, there are mini dramas- found out my light board has a cracked motherboard- I am the last to know this,  the theater company we share space and borrow the board from has known for a month- they just forgot to tell me- i found out when I FREAKED out when I couldn’t find the dang thing.  We think we might have it for next thursday’s opening.  I am hiding this fact from the cast as long as I can-  teens can freak out pretty badly!  This is DOUBLE true for actor types.   I don’t think writing this hear will tip them off- I don’t think many of them surf the knit blogs- I base this on the looks I get when I make the mistake of talking about us!

The company I order doors from sent me the wrong doors (I think I may have ordered the wrong doors, but since they sent diffrent wood than I ordered as well, I am going to say it was them- I got the best end of the wood deal!).  The doors I have don’t fit in the door holes on my set.  This is a MAJOR problem.  I really don’t know what Iwill do if they can’t find doors to fit.  I am trying not to think about it.  If they can find the doors and I can get them ASAP- today before 2 would be best, Friday before 2 would do, we should be OK.  If not . . . lets not go there!

The good news- I was home by 7:30- the show itself looks GREAT!  And the Tech crew (who started last night) are great!

The hardest part of tech is missing this . . .


I really like it when I get home in time to put him to bed.