It is High School Exit Exam time around here!  This means that the rest of us don’t get kids until the afternoon.  Only 10th grade is taking the test this time, so we are expecting the rest of the kids to come to school at 12:30 today, 1:00 yesterday and attend 3 periods a day, with each class being only 30 min !  Shall we say attendence is a bit well . . . low!

However, I have play that goes into tech (hell week) today, we open a week from Thrusday.  The set is mostly done.  This means we could go up like it is, but it will be much better if a ton of things get done.  With short classes and LOW attendence, I needed to get a few small things done in this wasted free time i have been forced to endure graced with this morning.

My morning in pictures:

First I worked on the program, dealt with email and farted around on line (don’t you wish you were going to be in NY for the Harlot’s kick off)


Next I mounted some posters and charts for the set.  These are double sided and will be held up with velcro for quick set changes.  The play is an evening of One-Acts.  I am directing Wendy’s Tale, and I have two FAB kids directing as well.  Thier shows are Dinner with the MacGuffins and Hard Candy.  We are REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY excited- espically for Dinner which is the California Premiere of the SCRIPT!  VERY VERY COOL!


SWEETIE:  These are the charts I emailed you about- they need some type of title- I don’t know ANYTHING about this- they mean nothing (I just made pretty lines) but some type of title (like profits or something) would look good.  Ideas? 

Then I went over to my shop:


And painted one of the 3 doors for the set:


The set is designed by my Stagecraft class.  It has a stable back wall and the side walls are really wagons (set pieces on wheels).  This is how we are making the set change so fast.  In 1 1/4 hours it will be a living room, office and classroom!  It is very cool

I had a few paint issues and am VERY thankful I wore pants that have seen better days- these pants are now paint only jeans!  The picture doesn’t quite do justice to the paint spill which reaches from pocket to knee!  There was no paint on these prior to the door-  The only really bad part of this is that it is just noon- I will be here till at least 7 or 8 tonight in rehearsal, the paint spill is getting stiff and yucky!


All in all a pretty typical day in the world of a theatre teachers.  Now I get to get ready for my actual classes and thier research projects. 

May your day be free from painted pants!