Sorry . . . life took over for a while.  Here is the news from our little world.

I finished the first of my fetching gloves last Sunday, but it was a bit short- it didn’t quite come to the edge of my hand like i wanted. 

I haven’t really knit much since then.  I am trying to decide if I am going to make the fetching gloves for me or the Dashing from the new KNITTY.

Things at school have been CRAZY!  I am going into tech for the One-Acts thisweek and there is a ton to get done, as always!

Also, Grandpa’s service was Friday.  I think that has tossed me for a loop.  His death wasn’t unexpected, and it has been over a month, but this some how makes it final!

Here he is in his younger days:


Cute, huh?  He was always a good looking man- even to the end, but I am always proud of how gosh darn HOT Grandpa was when he was younger!

It was a military service.  I have never been to one before- wow- it was really cool.  It was so amazing to see Grandpa honored in such a way.  The whole flag, taps on the horn etc. . . really cool.  Then one of Grandpa’s nephews, who is a preacher, did the service.  It was really sweet and meaningful.  I think he would have loved it.  It really seemed a fitting way to say goodbye! 

We spent a great deal of this weekend working in our backyard- such as it is.  We have been in the house for almost 4 years- but NEVER did anything with the yards.  With Zae needing a place to play and a cousin giving us their old play house, it was time.  We have killed all green things (weeds), placed ground cloth on about 1/2 of the yard, then covered with all-weather carpet (this will be the play area), we are now playing with what todo with the “lawn”  sod or seed.  We need to price sod- which is the prefered choice.  it is a really small area- under 100 sq ft- I think closer to 60 sq ft!  then their will be containers to plant and such- I am looking forward to that.  I used to love to container garden in apartments, pre-zae- but once he came along- he was all I could manage to keep growing.

talk to you soon!