Would you believe that I did not knit AT ALL yesterday?  I never touched a set of needles.  I think the sock took it out of me!

I shall distract you with yet another Zae story:

Yesterday morning, when he was supposed to be getting dressed, I found the kid sitting in the middle of his room with NOTHING but his Batman Socks on-The following conversation took place

“Zae, What are you doing?”

“I am not Zae.  I am Batman and I need to save the world!” 

“You don’t have time, get dressed now please”

“But I am Batman, and there is a BIG problem!”



“Fine Batman, but you can’t save the world without underwear on.  Everyone knows that!”

“Oh, right Mom!  Good Plan!”

And off he went to get dressed!


That is what they don’t tell you in Mom School. . . You will say some of the strangest things in order to get done what needs to be done!

So my advice for the day:  Don’t try to save the world until you have on your underwear!

(Old Pic!  from about a year ago, but it seemed to so so well with the story!)