I did it- they are finished!socks-finished.JPG

While they IN NO WAY match (they are set up here to hide the massive way they don’t match, in either size or pattern), I am proud to have them done.  I have finished a pair of boot socks from a pattern, and a pair of slipper socks from a pattern prior to these.  These are my first sock yarn socks.

They are also knit kind of organically . . . meaning I said to myself, “Hey self, you have knit 2 pair of sock like things now (this means 5 socks due to the need to redo my vary first sock).  You don’t need to find a pattern, just do it.”

Why would I do this?  I knit a lot of things organically.  Almost all of the purses I make I just kind of make up as I go, hats are the same way.  I don’t like/know how/ suck at following directions of any type.  I can’t cook from a book, I just suck at it. I kind of read diretions and then do what I think they said.


NOTE TO SELF:  You are not too smart to follow a pattern.  You should let those that know what the HECK they are doing guide you.  You are not smarter than the designer who seems to know what they are doing.  YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING!  FOLLOW THE DANG PATTERN

Ok- enought said.  I have yarn at home for 2 more pairs of socks.  Mom, I PROMISE that I will follow the pattern for the ones you bought the yarn for.  I will do EXACTLY what the wrapper says- after all I would think that the artists at Fiber Artist might know a thing or too about socks!  For my own, I was thinking I would try some more advanced type of sock- but I think not!  If I was my knitting teacher it would be very clear that I had not mastered the basics of SS socks and there fore do not get to move on to more complicated fun.  Maybe something with ribs?  Except I HATE ribbing!

Any ideas? Simple sock patterns that won’t bore me?